Public Record April 14, 2022

Published 8:09 am Thursday, April 14, 2022

Property Transfers
Deeds filed recently in Boyle County Clerk’s office include:
•Kelsey Carter to Timothy W. Carter, property on Alum Springs Road, property settlement; fair market value, $190,000.

• Bux, Bux, Rivard & Serey LLC to Ben Ali LLC, tract in Boyle County, $200,000.

• Nicholas A. and Conda L. Reese to RKA Properties LLC, 2.81 acres on Maple Avenue, $450,000.

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• Frank J. and Jaqueline J. Kahanic to AP Wilson Properties LLC, property on South Fourth Street, $285,000.

• Greg VonGruenigen to Rebuilt Realty LLC, property on Longview Drive, $105,000.

• PCMR LLC to Jason H. and Klarissa L. Powell, two properties in Boyle County, $1,600,000.

• Rebuilt Realty LLC to Jackie T. Hendricks, property on Longview Drive, $130,000.

• Rheanna S. Lynch to Derek R. and Trevania D Lynch, 1.1 acres on Waterworks Road, gift; value, $25,000.

• Terri Elliott to Nancy DiMarzo, through David B. Norman, property on East Broadway, $216,000.

• Patricia Pollock to Maria Espinoa and Richard LeMasters, 1.1 acres on Alum Springs Road, $270,000.

• Ervin and Brenda Farmer to Callie F. and Rudolph E. Minks II, property on North Third Street, $115,000.

• AFI 010 LLC to Michael L. and Jodi Register, parcel on Ky. 52, $950,000.

• Susan Combs and Jamie and Phillip Lane, to Edward and Deborah McKinney, property on Hancock Street, $68,200.

• Robert L. and Barbara J. Sheperson to David and Ranea Gibson, 7.4 acres in Boyle County, $37,400.

• Denver and Cassie Scott to Corina Y. and Ralph O. Pierce II, property in Huntington Creek subdivision, $323,000.

• CR Homes LL to Allison Sonnolly, property on Boone Trail, $260,000.

• Joe and Betty Montgomery to William Webster, lot in Mapletree Place, $26,250.

• Harold and Helen Baker to Baker Brothers Properties LLC, property on Smith Street, property transfer; value, $25,000.

• 453 High Street LLC to Robert A. Whitaker II, property on High Street, $140,000.

• Brian and Selma Zajkowski to Ryan Purdue and Ciara Bishop, property in Danvile, $220,000.

• Ciara T. Bishop to Cameron and Mary L. Pittman, property on North Sixth Street, $131,000.

• Carroll and Patricia Boatwright to Brian and Mariangela Johnson, 11.23 acres on Kings Mill Road, $645,000.

• Donya B. and Derek Robbins to Mary and Brandon Wilson, property on Chandler Drive, $260,000.

• Clark’s Run Group LLC to Mark Dennis, property on Bells Lane, $185,000.

• William E. and Janet C. Pendergrass to Larry R. and Judy Gallion, property on Carrigan Drive, $198,000.

• Ryan McDougall, as executor of the Cynthia Talbot estate, to Ryan McDougall, property on Hilltop Road, estate settlement; value not listed.

• Michael and Susan Toadvine, Richard and Susan Toadvine and Deborah Toadvine, to Kelli D. Darland, 1.2 acres in Boyle County, $87,000.

• Harold D. McConaha, through Justin Johnson, to John B. and Charlotte McConaha, three properties in Boyle County, $12,500.

• Joseph L. Sharpe to Joedy Sharpe Construction Co., 20 lots in The Hunt Farm Subdivision, capital contribution; fair cash value, $52,466.

• Harold Dean Yeiser Jr., as executor of the Juanita G. Yeiser estate, to Rodney Hughes, property on Carrigan Drive, $187,500.

• Bonnie F. Turpin to Roger D. and Rita K. Johnson, property in Paula Heights subdivision, $211,000.

• David N. and Patricia C. Stafford to LMD Holdings LLC, property in Boyle County, $800,000.

• Gustavo and Crystal Carballal to 442 Smith Street LLC, property on Fifth Street, capital contribution; fair cash value, $20,000.

• Garry and Lana Bradshaw, Tina Rice, James and Jeleta Bradshaw, Mary and Ricky Cannon to Reece E. Cannon, property in Park Hills subdivision, $30,000.

• Teresa Shely to Tomie Levi Smith, property on Forest Avenue, $132,000.