CentreWorks hosting community co-working day today

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, April 19, 2022

CentreWorks recently opened a co-working space for students and community members on the third floor of the Hub building in downtown Danville. They are hosting a community co-working day Tuesday April 19 for people to try out the space.

People can buy co-working memberships or rent meeting spaces for groups of varying sizes. The following press release was written by Centre College student Laurel Wallace.

When you think of innovation, collaboration, and creativity, what places come to mind? Most likely, the answer is big, bustling cities- Los Angeles, New York, Seattle- but take a minute to consider why. Is it because the people in these places are naturally more innovative, collaborative, and creative? Of course not; it’s because these cities have entire industries dedicated to providing the physical spaces that allow people to tap into their potential.

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Co-working spaces and initiative incubators don’t just belong to those tech-developers and entrepreneurs in California; they now belong to you, the incredible people of this community. The folks at CentreWorks are ecstatic to announce the official launch of this region’s first and only collaborative space wholly dedicated to the growth and development of every individual and of this community at large.

The whole idea of a collaborative space might seem a bit broad; that’s because it is! The folks at CentreWorks recognize that every individual has goals and needs as unique as they are. That’s why every aspect of CentreWorks, including its space, is infused with flexibility. For independent professionals looking for a livelier and more productive workspace, CentreWorks now offers co-working, a shared office space based in collaboration, creativity, and community where professionals from any field can come together to work, socialize, and share ideas.

For businesses small and large, cozy conference rooms and a fully-stocked kitchen provide the perfect setting for meetings and retreats. But the possibilities don’t stop at the professional realm; whether you have a hobby, want to start a project, are part of a club, or are working toward a degree, this is the space for you. Come see all CentreWorks has to offer, and help us build a better community. Visit us at centreworks.org to learn more.