Centre’s theatre program presenting Almost, Maine

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Centre College theatre program is preparing for its spring production, John Cariani’s Almost, Maine. Show dates are April 20, 22 and 23 at 8 p.m., with a matinee on April 24 at 2 p.m.

The production is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Anne Lubbers, professor of biology, who died unexpectedly March 4, 2022. On a deeply cold and magical midwinter night, the citizens of the unincorporated town of Almost, Maine experience the life-altering power of the human heart.

Propelled by the mystical energy of the aurora borealis, relationships end, begin or change beyond recognition in a series of loosely connected tales about love—each with its own touch of sorcery.

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Luke Campbell ’24 (Lexington, Ky.), an international studies major and theatre minor, plays the parts of Jimmy and Dave in the vignettes “Sad and Glad” and “Seeing The Thing” respectively.

“Just as the town of Almost, Maine never got around to fully becoming a town, the love and the way love is found is often different from how one would expect,” Campbell says. “Almost, Maine is full of magical instances of love and the drama that spirals around partners enthralled by the idea of love.”

Emy Lovell ’23 (Berea, Ky.), a psychology major, plays Glory in “Her Heart,” Waitress in “Sad and Glad” and Hope in “Story of Hope.”

“From new beginnings to utter heartbreak, Almost, Maine includes a story for everyone,” Lovell says. “The people of Almost represent you and me with one stark difference: one late night in mid-winter, the northern lights allow even the unimaginable to take place.”

Almost, Maine is directed by Professor of Theatre Patrick Kagan-Moore. “Almost, Maine is a warm and generous play and a terrific piece to be working on as we come out of Covid, as it centers upon simple human connection,” Kagan-Moore says. “We have all benefited from its evident belief in the power of human beings to touch one another and we hope it will prove a joy and comfort to our college and community.”

Olive Weeks ’25 (Pine Lake, Ga.), has seen the cast flourish under Kagan-Moore’s tutelage. Weeks plays the parts of Sandrine in “Sad and Glad” and Marci in “Where It Went.”

“We have spent a lot of time looking at the little things that make love beautifully complex and it has made working on this production such a dream,” Weeks says. “I have watched my fellow actors bloom while working with Patrick as he pulled these beautiful tidbits out; tidbits that grew into a show highlighting the complexities of love. I can’t wait to share it with people.”

“Each scene paints love in a different color, with a different brush, and with a different perspective,” Campbell continues. “Almost, Maine provides us with what we all need a bit more of in our lives…LOVE!” Tickets: Adults $10, children/seniors $5, Centre students, faculty and staff FREE. Box Office 859.236.4692