Boyle County Detention Center receives Kentucky’s first perfect score on re-entry program

Published 7:55 am Monday, May 9, 2022

Boyle County Detention Center (BCDC) has achieved a perfect score on the program audit from the Kentucky Department of Corrections, which is something that has never been done before in Kentucky.

Jailer Brian Wofford explains this unprecedented accomplishment, “The Reentry program is changing the lives of these men. Chaplin and Program Coordinator James Hunn is the one influencing our men’s lives. No detention center has ever been given a perfect score, which is directly attributed to James Hunn.”

Inmates that qualify for this program have obtained their community custody qualification and are near their parole eligibility date. The program allows an offender to become reacquainted with their families and the community and gives them a head start seeking employment.

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These facilities offer vocational training programs, educational opportunities, and cognitive behavioral programs that can give an offender better options once their incarceration or supervision has ended. BCDC offers addiction services programming to help those offenders that battle substance use disorders, and Chaplin Hunn adds spiritual guidance and mentorship.

The audit report states, “Hunn had the respect of the participants and they value his teaching and guidance.  Class times were on point, rules and guidelines were followed accordingly and materials that were used were all approved.”

BCDC was commended for the rewards and motivation offered to the inmates to encourage them to excel in the program.  “With all of the motivations offered, participants are eager to learn and correctly complete their work. Wonderful job Boyle County Jail and Mr. Hunn,” it stated.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole is responsible for overseeing the Reentry Program (RP). The RP accommodates inmates and is designed to help them integrate back into society after their incarceration.

The Boyle County Fiscal Court awarded Hunn with a Certificate of Distinction for his work in the Boyle County Detention Center at its meeting on April 26.

“After working with the Shepherds House and seeing that program and what our clients do, I truly believe that their lives are worth saving,” Hunn said after accepting the award. “Everybody has made a mistake … but it’s amazing the potential these men have, and many of them just never had anybody to believe in them.”

Hunn thanked his father James Hunn Sr. for his influence and guidance.