Danville City Commission hears parks projects updates

Published 7:00 am Monday, May 16, 2022

The Danville City Commission heard an update at their meeting on May 9 about four city park project plans: the old Jennie Rogers school on East Main Street, a proposed aquatic center, the Michael Smith Park on Second Street, and Millennium Park and the Boyle County Fairgrounds.

A master plan for Millennium Park includes a tennis complex, 90-foot baseball field, renovation of a building on the site as a park office, playground and parking areas.

The main focus is on the tennis complex which plans to include six tennis courts, seating in the shade, lighting, and plaza. A survey on the cost of construction is being conducted.

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Jennie Rogers School

A steering committee has been named for the Jennie Rogers multi-use community center.

“There has been a lot of interest in the facility,” Mayor Michael Perros said.

The immediate project is the daycare center for children. The commission wants to have a play area, community porch, opportunities for T-ball, an outdoor classroom, and community garden on the site.

The commission plans to contact the Danville Board of Education and their new superintendent to discuss design plans for the multi-purpose community center.

Boyle County Schools is partnering with the city and Early Childhood Center.

Other suggestions for the Jennie Rogers project were a commercial kitchen, banquet hall, and coffee shop.

Michael Smith Park

The city is currently conducting an online survey for community members to make suggestions about a master plan for the Michael Smith Park along Clark’s Run Creek off South Second Street.

Since the creek is in a floodplain, the commission plans to study the creek area.

The first phase of the project will be to improve the park with adding restrooms.

Suggestions include a structure with a misty canopy, water walk, water window and a runnel along the creek. Commissioners want to honor the history of that part of Danville during the early settlement of the town.

“We need to tell the story of Clark’s Run and also the Town Branch and educate people about our history,” said Mayor Michael Perros. “There is a rich history in this part of town that is important to the area along Second Street.”

Other ideas considered are how to utilize the old landfill, parking, shelter for children catching the school bus, and a walkway at Hilldale Cemetery.

Aquatic Center

The city is collaborating with Ephraim McDowell Health to explore the possibility of expanding their Wellness Center to add a new aquatic center. They are checking on the costs for the project.

City Engineer Josh Morgan said he will get the cost estimate for the project in a couple of weeks.

Perros said a discussion will be on the city agenda when the costs are ready.

In other business, the commission:

• Agreed to update the Boyle County Tree Endowment that provides long-term maintenance for trees planted in the past. Morgan suggested the city hire a person who cares about trees to water them. Another suggestion was to work with the Boyle County Extension Office, and the possibility to get a Centre College intern to help with watering trees on city property.

• Agreed to buy three cemetery plots in the city cemetery from people who do not plan to use them.

• Reappointed Tom Tye to the Architectural Heritage Board; Terry Manon to the Planning and Zoning Commission; and Bill Carter and James Hunn Sr. to the Ethics Board.

• Agreed to allow the Danville Brass Band Festival planners to display a banner in town during the upcoming festival.

• Mayor Perros proclaimed May 15-21 as National Police Officers Week. “Our police officers  provide a vital public service to our community,” he said. A service honoring police officers will be held at Bellevue Cemetery at 2:30 p.m. on May 19.