Primary Election Results- Unofficial Totals

Published 7:24 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The unofficial primary election 2022 results are in. Results still have to be certified by the state, which will likely happen by Friday.

Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom said there was a 19.15% voter turnout. Results came in quickly, and by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, all Boyle County precincts had reported votes and the totals had been counted.

Rand Paul won the Republican primary by a landslide. Charles Booker became the first Black Kentuckian to receive the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

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The race for District Judge of Boyle and Mercer counties will be between Patrick F. Barsotti and Stacy Elizabeth Coontz. Danville Mayor candidate Denise Terry will not be running in the general election, leaving the race to be between James “J H” Atkins and James Morris Hunn.

The Danville commissioner who will not be running with the other eight is Robert Earl Robinson.

Magistrate District 2 incumbent Ronald Short has been outvoted by Paula Bodner.

See the rest of the results below.

United States Senator, 1st Congressional District, Republican:

Rand Paul- 1,641

Valery Fredrick- 88

Paul Hamilton- 66

Arnold Blankenship- 52

Tami Stainfield- 48

John Schiess- 16

• United States Senator, 1st Congressional District, Democrat:

Charles Booker- 1,709

Joshua Wesley Blanton Sr.- 184

John Merrill- 159

Ruth Gao- 106

• District Judge for the 50th Judicial District, nonpartisan: (Top 2 go to general election)

Patrick F. Barsotti- 2,208

Stacy Elizabeth Coontz- 1,413

Christopher Reed- 571

• Danville Mayor, nonpartisan: (Top 2 go to general election)

James “J H” Atkins- 1,354

James Morris Hunn- 907

Denise Terry- 316

• Danville City Commissioners, nonpartisan: (Top 8 go to general election)

Jennie Hollon- 1,516

Kevin Caudill- 1,374

Rick Serres- 1,307

Donna Peek- 1,100

Steve Southerland- 833

Shawn Moore- 546

Charles Singleton- 533

Col. Joe Lamkin- 341

Robert Earl Robinson- 285

• Boyle County Magistrate District 1:

Terry Hogue (Democrat)- 224

Jeff Reardon (Democrat)- 111

• Boyle County Magistrate District 2:

Paula Bodner (Republican)- 180

Ronald Short (Republican)- 133

• Boyle County Magistrate District 4:

Jerry Leber (Democrat)- 214

Keagan Hinkle (Democrat)- 177

• Boyle County Constable District 1:

R. Andrew Hourigan (Republican)- 195

Darrel Lyons (Republican)- 141