DBCHS Pet of the Week: Chunk and Furry

Published 6:43 pm Monday, July 18, 2022


Contributing Writer

This week’s featured pets are Chunk the dog and Furry Curry the cat.

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Chunk is a three-year-old mixed-breed dog who is true to his name: there is a whole lot of him to love! His big head rests on a tank of a body with a little nub of a tail, and his entire back end wiggles when he’s happy.



At 68 pounds, this sweet boy is a lap dog at heart and gets as close as possible to you for snuggles and kisses. Chunk is a real fan of butt scratches, treats, and chilling in the grass. If you’re looking for a block-headed buddy to bring some laid-back fun into your life, Chunk might be the right guy for you!

Chunk will be fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped before he leaves the shelter. Please bring your family and dog for a meet and greet Monday – Friday between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Before visiting, complete an online application: https://bit.ly/2Qo4EfE. Can’t make it to the shelter during open hours? Please email me at karikuh@dbchs.org to make an appointment. Chunk is ready to share his life with you!

Furry Curry is a sleek little orange and white tabby cat. His coat is smooth and soft, and he has wide alert eyes. Furry Curry lives with other animals in a foster home and has visited the shelter several times, where he handled meeting new people like a champ.

According to his foster mom, Furry Curry is a playful kitten. He’s a big explorer and loves finding new things. He loves all cats, and he’s been introduced to some dogs, too. When hanging out with the dogs, Furry Curry starts out shy and then loves to bounce around before finally pouncing like Simba from Lion King. How cute is that?!

Furry Curry would adore a home with other pets to play with; are you ready to add him to your family? Complete an application here: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/DBCH/Cat. Not quite ready to adopt? Be a temporary foster for animals like Furry Curry instead! https://forms.gle/LWyb3hGM3CPYNth96.

A look back: Before the humane society was formed in 1972, the state mandated that animal control impound free-roaming dogs and cats to reduce the threat of rabies. Animals were held in a space where there was no water, no electricity, no room for humane care, and no emphasis on adoptions. So it was cause for celebration in 1977 when the DBCHS broke ground on the recently purchased land in preparation for constructing a new building.

The Danville-Boyle County Humane Society is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) established in 1972 that promotes the humane treatment of animals through compassionate care, education, and support.

To donate, please visit DBCHS.org/give or mail a check to DBCHS P.O. Box 487, Danville, KY 40423-0487. Your monetary gift will make a difference in a pet’s life, and we’re grateful for every contribution!