Broadband funding for Boyle secured

Published 3:49 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Judge Howard Hunt traveled to Carrollton on Tuesday to accept funding in the amount of $2.3 million on behalf of Charter Communication/Spectrum Cable to provide Broadband service to underserved areas of the county.

Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman said, “Broadband is not about the future, it is needed now in Kentucky and this funding from Governor Beshear will help meet those needs across the Commonwealth.”

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“This is a $6.3 million dollar project, with Charter Communications investing $4 million as match for the project’s funding,” said Boyle Judge Executive Howard P. Hunt. “This funding will help Boyle County’s underserved population, many who rely on landlines. Landlines have about a 36% reliability rate. When we have fiber run directly to the house, this will be a life changing improvement to their ability to communicate and learn,” concluded Judge Hunt.

The total award to Charter Communcations is $49 million, contributing toward a total project cost of $118 million.

“These are difficult times in Kentucky. I am grateful for strong leaders who know how to lead with integrity, making tough decisions. This funding will bring high speed internet to every family, regardless of their zipcode,” said Lt. Governor Coleman.