Celebrate Danville Central Fire Station’s Grand Opening tomorrow

Published 10:18 pm Thursday, August 25, 2022

Years of planning and hard work culminate this week in the grand opening of Danville’s new Central Fire Station. 

The Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony will take place on Friday, August 26, at 11:00 AM and attendance is anticipated from several dignitaries including Governor Andy Beshear.  Everyone can join us for public tours of the new Fire Station at 461 West Main Street after the ceremony from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The City would like to thank our partners involved in the design and construction, Joseph & Joseph Bravura Architects and Marrillia Design & Construction.  

This new facility provides a worthy home for our Fire Department while adding another high-quality building to our historic and thriving downtown.  Planning for the project began a decade ago when the Police Department moved out of the existing Central Fire Station into the newly renovated City Hall.  The City committed at that time to providing a modern, state-of-the art home for Danville’s Fire Department to replace the outdated and outgrown existing facility.  The new Central Fire Station is a functional and comfortable home for Danville’s firefighters and displays the community’s appreciation for their service.   In addition to the modernized office and dormitory spaces, the facility includes the training and equipment areas necessary to keep our firefighters safe.  

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Fire Chief Doug Simpson, “The Danville Fire Department is extremely excited to be able to dedicate our new Central Fire Station to the citizens of Danville.  After the dedication ceremony Fire staff will provide public tours set to begin at 12pm. This station will be a cornerstone in our community for many years to come and generations of students will learn about fire safety.  These kids will be excited to remember their interactions with fire staff. Community groups and citizens will learn CPR and first aid in our wonderful training room.  Our Firefighters will now have a state-of-the-art facility to call home and responded for our community.  This station belongs to the citizens of Danville and we hope that all will come out and help us start history as we move forward.”