Boyle County girls soccer enjoying success so far this season

Published 5:04 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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After years of hard work, the Lady Rebels (Boyle County girls soccer team) are now starting to see the fruits of their labor as they go into the playoffs with their greatest opportunity in four years, to win a regional title.

This youthful squad has pleased their coach with their consistent growth throughout the season. Brian Deem expressed his satisfaction with the team’s dedication to hard work over the previous three years of rebuilding.

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After a good regular season, Boyle 12-4) finished up the year with an 8-0 win against East Jessamine. The Lady Rebels had the best regular season record in the 12th Region and will thus go to the playoffs.

What are the good things that can be learned from the team?

The following is a list of the things that could be picked from Boyle’s team.

  1. The team is very excited for the season to start.
  2. They have been working hard in the off-season to improve their skills.
  3. The team is very close and supportive of each other.
  4. They are determined to do well this season.
  5. They are already thinking about ways to improve for next season.

How does the academic and extracurricular performance for Boyle Compare?

Academic and extracurricular achievements at Boyle County High School have a long history of excellence. Similar patterns may be seen this year. So far, the team’s season has been off to a remarkable start.

What was the reason for the team’s victory?

Coach Deem credited the team’s success to the leadership of seniors Abigail Gnann and Karlee Johnson.

He said that the youth leaders had successfully persuaded the young girls to join them out of love, devotion, and an awareness of the stakes.

All of the top scorers (including the starter in goal) and the next four scorers on the squad are underclassmen. Assistant coach Chelsea Burns, who just gave birth to a daughter, has instructed several of the young players on the squad while she is on maternity leave.

The girls team from Boyle won despite being made up virtually entirely of freshmen and sophomores. Fifteen of the 21 female players are underclassmen.

With their latest triumph, the ladies matched their win total from all of last season. Two goals each came from freshman Reagan Britt, Maggie Burke, and Addison Hazlett, while the Boyle defense posted its sixth shutout of the season.

The Lady Rebels have won eight of their previous nine games, including six in a row before a recent setback at Lafayette.

In summary, Boyle girls team has such a great future!