Letter to the editor

Published 8:09 am Tuesday, October 25, 2022

November 8 is the first general election since: Trump supporters attempted a coup, including an armed assault on the US Capitol with the intent of killing the VP and Speaker of the House and installing the former president; Supreme Court Catholic Federalist Society theocrats ended Roe v Wade and promised to end same sex marriage and contraception; Democrats implemented the program for free vaccinations, payroll protection and passed the American Rescue plan to get us through COVID; Democrats passed a corporate tax on those who do not pay their fair share; Democrats passed legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, including a cap on insulin; Democrats passed actual Infrastructure legislation to upgrade roads, bridges, trains and internet; Democrats passed legislation to address climate change; Democrats and a couple non-Trump Republicans held the Jan 6 hearings to expose the coordinated attempt to overthrow our government.

Republicans, including Rand Paul, are terrified you will remember they opposed ALL the good things the Democrats have achieved.

Republicans are terrified you will remember they want all women to be forced birthers, and their men to be forced supporters.

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If you are a moderate Republican that believes in bodily autonomy, the democratic principle of peaceful transition of power and that everyone should pay their fair share, you do not need to change party affiliation to vote for Democrats, like Charles Booker and Jimmy Ausbrooks, in the general election on November 8. After this election, please think about what the Republican Party has become, whether it still reflects who you are and what you believe, and know that the Democratic Party will welcome you.

— Julie Pease, Danville