Library adds to Youth Services team

Published 7:49 am Saturday, November 12, 2022


Libraries play a vital role in the lives of many children and families, inspiring young minds with enriching materials and creative activities. The Boyle County Public Library provides a welcoming environment for people of all ages to connect and explore.

Recently the library added two new faces to the Youth Services team. Kim Hacker will serve as the Children’s Services Librarian, and Rachael Boyd will serve as the Young Adult Services Librarian. Hacker will focus on families and children ages birth to 8, while Boyd will focus on tweens and teens ages 9-18.

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Kim Hacker is the new Children’s Services Librarian. Prior to coming to BCPL, Hacker served as a school librarian at Lancaster Elementary and taught 3 rd grade for 11 years. She enjoys spending time outside with her husband and two children, and enjoys reading both science fiction and realistic fiction. Hacker attended Eastern Kentucky University earning a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Library Science. She said she has always wanted to work at a public library and was excited when the opportunity presented itself. “I enjoy working with families here at BCPL,” said Hacker. “I like that I am not just working with the child, but with the parents, grandparents, and siblings. I am really beginning to feel like a part of the community and I love that.”

Her vision for the children’s library is for it to be a place where all kids can find their space. “Whether it is books, resources, or programs, I want all of our kids in Boyle County to feel like they can find what they need here and are welcome.” Hacker will offer new programs that will change from month to month and encourages families to check the library’s calendar to find out what is available.

“BCPL already had a strong library program,” said Hacker. “I hope to continue to help it grow and offer stimulating programs, as well as grow our collection to meet the wants and needs of our patrons.”

This role was previously held by longtime librarian Libby McWhorter, who transitioned to the library’s outreach team in September.

Rachael Boyd will serve as the Young Adult Services Librarian. Born in Kentucky, she moved to Louisiana when she was 11. After graduating high school, she studied acting and traveled all around the United States performing in theatre, television, and film. “I got into the library scene after I started volunteering at our middle school library as part of our work studies program in high school,” said Boyd. She loved that experience and, after graduating college, began working part-time in the Shreve Memorial Library system while pursuing a career in acting. Boyd moved back to Kentucky in 2016 with her spouse. They currently live in Winchester with their infant and two old dogs. Some of her hobbies include writing, making films, watching classic films, and volunteering at their local animal shelter.

Prior to coming to BCPL, Boyd was working as the Executive Director for Main Street Winchester in Clark County, which focused on preservation and revitalization of the historic downtown. She also previously worked for Lexington Public Library. Boyd is excited to be at BCPL and would love for there to be one central location and hangout spot for the Young Adult section. “I want to create programming that’s not only fun, but can facilitate learning and growing within ourselves and in service of others around us,” said Boyd. She wants to create a space for teens to be able to come after school, to “hang, read, and decompress before heading back out into the world.”

“I’m excited to be at BCPL and working with the young adults because it’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time as a teenager,” said Boyd. “If I can give even one teen the space to feel free and safe, to have questions and find answers, and maybe discover the love or writing, a new author, or an after-school program that they love, then I consider my work a success.” Boyd recognizes that teens and children are our future. “I’m so grateful to be in a position to help them grow into kind, cool adults that will possibly change our community and our world.”

The Youth Services department also consists of Kinsey Hisle as Youth Services Department Manager, and Ellie Searcy as Youth Services Assistant. “We are thrilled to have Rachael and Kim joining our team,” said Hisle. “Both women naturally clicked with our staff right away. All four of us put youth and families first, and we want to provide the best services possible for youth to succeed in learning and personal development. Everyone is bubbling with new ideas! I’m excited to see how we can combine all our talents towards that shared goal.”