Boyle BOE hears Perryville Elementary updates; Kindergarten readiness at 55%

Published 2:05 pm Monday, November 28, 2022


Perryville Elementary Principal Jenna Blair shared updates on the school’s “Big 5” goals and priorities at the Boyle County Board of Education meeting on Nov. 17.

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• Goal 1: security measures:

The school has a new door alarm system with key cards. Blair said the alarm goes off more often than they’d like, and they check the door every time it does.

The school also has new cameras that provide better views of the exterior, and have added interior cameras. The school has SROs, custodial staff and administration do door lock checks multiple times a day with a sign off at each door to verify.

Administration also does walk-throughs for front desk staff as they are checking visitors in and out to make sure all safety measures are in place and protocols are followed.

• Goal 2: reading and math fluency proficiency:

Blair said they are making sure every student has DRA testing and SNAP assessments. They are having data discussions in professional learning communities about grouping students.

The new Readers are Leaders initiative has implemented the primary level; they do sight word lists, brag tags, certificates, and collaboration with home setting. They also do KCM fluency assessments for grades K-5, and do targeted interventions when needed.

• Goal 3: writing proficiency:

Blair said their goal for increasing writing proficiency is to implement cross-content writing, using social studies and science text. They are drafting a new school-wide plan to implement next school year.

• Goal 4: positive behavior intervention support:

The school’s goal is to increase CHAMP (cooperative, honest, accountable, mannerly, positive) behavior school-wide. Their CHAMP assemblies focus on positive behavior recognition.

Blair has also talked to students about bus behavior, rules and rituals the first week of school, and keeps reminding students of those expectations.

• Goal 5: growth, gap and enrichment with goal setting:

Every classroom now has a goal-setting poster on the wall, and students can write their goals on a sticker and put it on the poster.

“We’re making sure that they’re setting these goals, they’re meeting their benchmarks, and they’re accountable for themselves, and that has really made a difference,” Blair said. “Our kids are cheering each other on, giving high fives, they’re excited.”

The school is also using targeted enrichment groups; professional learning communities to discuss targeted students; scheduled time embedded for enrichment opportunities; and has a goal to reduce students who have gaps in reading and math content areas.

In other business:

• The board heard a Teaching and Learning report by Chelsea Clark. Kindergarteners take the Brigance test to measure how ready students are for kindergarten. Boyle County school’s students were 55% ready overall.

However, students who went to Boyle County school’s preschool came in at 61% ready. Clark said this puts Boyle County preschool in the top 13% of public preschool programs in the state.

“I’m really proud of our preschool teachers, they’re working hard this year; of course they’re not satisfied with that [percentage], they want it to be even higher,” Clark said.

• Clark also made a presentation about probable plans for the day care center that will go in the Jennie Rogers Community Center.

In response to a great need for childcare in the area, the center would be able to help working families who have trouble keeping a job due to childcare difficulties. There would be 54 childcare spots and 80 wrap-around care spots for preschool students.

Tuition for infants and toddlers would be $150 per week. For ages 3-5, it would be $140 per week, and wrap-around care would be $90 per week. The Child Care Assistance Program would provide support to help families pay for childcare.

The board will take action related to the daycare center in an upcoming meeting.

The board also:

• Approved the final pay for Fieldturf USA Inc. for the Boyle County High School Turf Field Renovation Project in the amount of $58,404.

• Accepted a bid for Spectrum to do a WAN Upgrade (Voice Over IP Solution to provide 1-Gigabyte or greater connectivity to Junction City Elementary School and Perryville Elementary School and connect back to the network hub located at Woodlawn Elementary School.

• Approved purchasing one International 72 passenger school bus, in the amount of $127,271.