Winter driving tips

Published 8:07 am Thursday, December 22, 2022


With the winter storm expected to hit Danville this week, the Boyle County Sheriff’s Office is recommending people to stay home if possible.

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It’s gonna be slick, use a commonsense approach,” said Chief Deputy Chris Stratton. “During the storms last year we had several accidents and people stuck on and off the roads. I understand people have to get out and go to work, but stay in if you can.”

If you must drive during winter weather, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recommends following the 4 P’s method of safe driving.

Prepare your vehicle

Check your tire’s pressure and tread depth to ensure maximum traction, make sure you have plenty of gas, and remove snow and ice from the exterior of your vehicle. You should prepare a disaster kit with a shovel, cat litter, flashlights, blankets, food and water.

Plan your travel

Know which route you are taking ahead of time. Check the condition roads you are going to be traveling on by dialing 511.

Prevent crashes

Drive slowly and allow extra time to reach your destination. Be sure to leave more space than normal between yourself and the car in front of you as snow can require 4 times the stopping distance than dry pavement. If you break into a skid, stay calm, gently let off the gas and steer into the skid. Avoid sudden or harsh braking.

Protect yourself in an emergency

If you are in accident and no one is injured, move your vehicle to the side of the road, call police, and exchange information. If your vehicle is disabled, turn on your hazard lights, Tie something bright to your vehicle or raise the hood to request aid and stand off the road and keep moving your arms for warmth.