New county surveyor and deputy judge introduced; fiscal court makes new solar farm moratorium

Published 2:17 pm Thursday, January 19, 2023


The Fiscal Court was introduced to the new county surveyor and deputy judge at their meeting on Jan. 10.

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Boyle County has not had a county surveyor in at least several decades, according to the new County Surveyor Richard Murphy.

Murphy has been a professional land surveyor in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee for 30 years. He currently works at Volkert, an engineering company.

While Boyle County has not had a county surveyor in a long time, the position has existed in the state since the 1799 Kentucky Constitution. Main duties are to make land surveys, and determine boundary lines and corners as requested.

“If the county needs any type of surveying work, or have any questions on anything related to boundaries, if there’s a boundary dispute between owners, or if there’s a project the county’s working on that may involve survey work or boundaries, I could be a person that could help out with that or answer any questions,” Murphy said.

Murphy explained that Kentucky law states, “The county surveyor must be made a member of committee or commissions appointed by the courts to locate, inspect, care for, and report on bridges, and all public improvements.”

“The county surveyor may also be made a commissioner to divide land, lay off dower or homestead; open, alter, close a public road; or open and close a private passway.”

Whenever any type of development occurs, the county surveyor can help review plans. They keep records of all plats in the county clerk’s office.

The surveyor will not have an office at the courthouse, and it is not a paid full time position. His services are as requested.

Magistrate Tom Ellis said he expects that the arrival of solar farm, funds for water lines, and broadband in his district may bring some boundary disputes.

Other positions

Judge-Executive Trille Bottom introduced the new Deputy Judge Susanna Ryan.

“Susanna has been in this courthouse almost as long as I have, and we’ve worked together for numerous years; she knows the ins and outs too, she’s worked in the county judge’s office for several years so she knows the contacts,” Bottom said.

Ryan works as a tax administrator for the county. She would fill in whenever Bottom is away.

“I would like to say how much I appreciate Trille for just having the faith in me, and that I’ll be here for whatever the county, Trille, or the court needs,” Ryan said.

Katina Wesley is the new administrative assistant, and will also serve as fiscal court clerk, since Mariah King is leaving the position.

Bottom thanked King for her service to the county. Human Resources Director Steve Griffin said they are looking for King’s replacement, and that they have lots of good applicants.

The county is also still looking for a new Public Works Director / County Engineer. Griffin said they have not had as much luck finding applicants.

The court voted to enact a new moratorium on solar farms that will end June 30, since the last one expired on Dec. 31, 2022.

The previous Planning and Zoning director had given the court new proposed regulations for solar farms in early 2022, but they did not take action on them. Magistrates agreed that they should give the new Planning and Zoning director time to review the regulations, and let the court do more research.

In other business, the court:

• Appointed a new Road Supervisor, Roger Johnson, for a four year appointment.

• Reappointed Emergency Management Director Brian Caldwell to another two year term.

• Appointed Duane Campbell to the Board of Health for a two year term.

• Appointed Harold McKinney to the Parksville Water District Board for a four year term, ending Jan. 10, 2026.

• Reappointed Steve Klein to the Senior Citizens Board for a three year term ending Dec. 31, 2025.

• Reappointed all county employees.

• Approved the county clerk’s budget.

• Changed the December 2023 fiscal court meetings to Dec. 12 and 21. The 21st is a Thursday.

• All occupational tax rates will remain the same for the 2023 tax year. Boyle County wage withholding and net profits is 1.25%. Danville remains at 1.90% for wage withholding and 1.75% for net profits.

• Arts Commission Director Mimi Becker said that their Youth Arts Festival is being celebrated the whole year with exhibits happening each month for all schools in the county. In February, art from Woodlawn Elementary will be displayed at the courthouse.

• EMS Director Mike Rogers explained the importance of everyone learning “Hands Only CPR.” He said in many instances, people in this county don’t perform CPR before an ambulance arrives. He said if more people learn CPR, they can prevent deaths from cardiac arrest. Rogers is happy to lead community classes as requested. People can also learn CPR on Youtube at