Danville remembers Martin Luther King Jr.

Published 2:00 am Friday, January 20, 2023

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the activities that took place throughout Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Danville



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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a large crowd gathered in front of Danville City Hall for a community march and celebration at the Jennie Rogers Community Center.

“We’re excited that it’s MLK day and that yesterday we got to celebrate his 94th birthday,” said Mayor James J.H. Atkins. “Since the inception of the national holiday, Danville and Boyle County have always had some type of celebration or program. We have always tried to make it a joint effort between the city and the county because what is good for Danville, is good for Boyle County.”

“Until we get know people and know that there is nothing to be afraid of, you continue to be afraid,” said Boyle County Judge Executive Trille Bottom.

“It’s a new day in Danville and Boyle County,” said Boyle County Judge-Executive Trille Bottom. “We are going to work together, build relationships, communicate, and not be afraid of each other. We all want to live and work in a better place.”   

Before the march, Atkins delivered a speech to the crowd.

“Let us remember Dr. King and be thankful to god for his life” said Atkins. “As we walk today, let us think about the choices we make every day. Our choices are important and have consequences that go beyond just ourselves. Let us march, as we do, let us reflect on today’s theme, It starts with me, it starts with you, if not me, then who?”

The community march left city hall and proceeded to the Jennie Rogers Community Speaker for a celebration of the holiday. Celebrations included a joint performance by the Danville High School and Boyle County High School choirs, poetry reading from honorees of the Frank X Walker Poetry Festival, a performance from the Danville Community Choir and a speech from Kentucky District 57 Representative Derrick Graham.

“The late 1960s are not much different than today,” said Graham “The world seems messed up. The nation seems like it is sick and in trouble. But as I look out at this crowd today, I see so many stars. Each of you is a light that brightens the night. Seeing you put action to words gives me hope that better days are ahead. There may be a lot of problems in this world. You are very much part of what is right. We can not change history, but we all have the power to change the future. Let us not only honor our ancestors with our actions, but be good ancestors when future generations look back on our time.”

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the activities that took place throughout Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Danville