Police blotter

Published 9:19 am Friday, January 27, 2023

This document serves as quick overview of calls Danville Police responded to January 20 th through January 22 nd 2023. It does not include every call or detail related to each incident, names, specific street address’ and most traffic stops have been omitted.

Multiple Collisions-City Wide

KY 33/34, Arnold Tower, McDonalds, FiveStar, 4 th St., Wal-Mart, Aldi,

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Talk to Officer-Danville Police Dept.

Lost or stolen passport, report completed

Suspicious Activity-Ben Ali

Open door, area checked

Loose Dog-Valvoline

Unable to locate


2 females arrested

Check Welfare-Boone Trail

Located subject and assistance given

Alarms-City Wide

Custom air, Liquor Mart, Water Dept

Arrest-Main St.

Subject with warrants, arrested

Check Welfare-W. Broadway

Subject cited and released after small child found outside, social service contacted

Traffic Stop-2168

Subject arrested for domestic violence warrant


Fled on foot prior to arrival, unable to locate

Criminal Mischief-Shakertown Rd

Vehicle damage, appeared an attempt to steal had occurred

Harassment-Danville PD

Options given

Check Welfare-Stonybrook

Subject went with ems, mental health issues

Overdose-Transylvania Heights

Subject went with EMS

Shots Fired-Creekside

Unable to locate anything


Subject went with EMS

Suicidal Female-Goodall

Welfare check complete, subject sought treatment

Suspicious Person-Jefferson Ave

Unable to locate


Subject struck 3 vehicles in the parking lot, arrest made


Subject believed someone was in their home, unfounded

Criminal Mischief-Butler Drive

Slashed tires, investigation ongoing

Overdose-Locust St.

Aid rendered subject went with EMS

Check Welfare-Lexington Ave

Subject checked, cleared

Fire-Independence Ct.

No fire, child on the phone

Property Dispute-Allene Drive

Assistance given

Suspicious Person-Kroger

Contact made


Arrest made, search uncovered large amount of pills on the subject, additional charges brought

Agency Assist-Bold Venture

Assist fire and EMS on medical aid, arrest made

Custody Dispute-Walnut St.

Options given

Suicidal Subject-Area of Speedway

Located, false

DUI-Hustonville Rd

Traffic stop, arrest made


Arrest made

Domestic-Queen St.


Theft-Centre College

Catalytic converter, investigation ongoing