Photo session fundraiser will benefit dog rescue operations; Scouts Honor Photography and Plaid Elephant Books will team up to help Saved By Fate Dog Rescue and Lexington Pit Crew

Published 7:04 am Friday, February 3, 2023


On March 12, Scouts Honor Photography is hosting 12 photo sessions at Plaid Elephant Books with 15 percent of the proceeds going to the animal welfare non-profits Saved By Fate Dog Rescue and Lexington Pit Crew.

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“My kids are big fans of Plaid Elephant Books. I’m a literacy teacher at KSD so we go to the book store a lot,” said Scouts Honor Photography owner Keva Buckley. “I’ve had the idea for a while to take my own children’s photos there because there is such a fun and comfortable vibe in the store. It’s a place with a lot of meaning to us. The more I thought about it the more I thought it would be a good idea to open it to the public. I liked the idea of local businesses collaborating and giving back to the community.”

Families are always looking for interesting places for photos,” said Plaid Elephant Books owner Kate Snyder. “Every family that comes gets a free book themed about animal rescue. I’ve picked out a few different pictures books about that and how awesome dogs are. We have had people take pictures here before and it doesn’t have to be families with kids. We have had couples do engagement shoots, senior photos, it is open to anyone.”

Lexington Pit Crew and Saved by Fate both are Lexington-based operations dedicated to finding new homes for rescued pitbulls.

Buckley wanted to support Lexington Pit Crew because she adopted her dog from there.

“Shes my soul dog. I adopted her in a time that was heavy in terms of responsibility and transition in life. It has been a big life changer having her,” Buckley said. “As I learned about her history and kept an eye on Lexington Pit Crew the more I wanted to give back to them. Now, some of the key members of Lexington Pit Crew have established Saved By Fate which focuses on dogs that are at high risk of euthanasia and mother dogs with puppies that have been abandoned. With that being a newer rescue they are working on getting the word out. When I pitched the idea to Kate she was on board and loved the idea. Each client who books get to pick if the donation goes to one rescue in particular or both.”

Booking information for the Bookworm Sessions can be found on the Scouts Honor Photography Facebook page.