Balloon visible from Danville

Published 9:44 am Saturday, February 4, 2023

What is being described online and by national news media as a “Chinese spy balloon” was visible Friday evening in Danville.

The balloon could be seen in the southern sky for more than an hour traversing from southwest to southeast of Danville.

The massive balloon is carrying a panel of sensors and surveillance equipment has been flying across the country at altitudes of more than 50,000 feet since Tuesday, according to reports.

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China’s foreign ministry says it is a civilian balloon gathering weather data that has simply blown off course. The Pentagon confirmed Friday that an identical balloon is flying over South America.

The White House has been silent on the matter, and the president has ignored direct questions from the media on the issue. The White House has said it will brief the Gang of Eight next week … after the balloon has left U.S. air space.

If you also saw the balloon, post your photos to the Advocate-Messenger facebook page.