Public Records

Published 6:20 pm Thursday, March 16, 2023

Property transfers recently recorded in the Boyle County Clerk’s office include:

• Crystal N. Mach to Kerris R. Lesperance, property in Boyle County, $168,000.

• Janet Staton and Dennis Congdon to Rudolph and Callie Minks, property on Kentucky Avenue, $125,000.

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• David and Helen Shewmaker to Priorities LLC, property on Shakertown Road, property exchange to align boundaries.

• Jason and Katrina Hampton to Julia Tuleen, property on Mackville Road, $165,000.

• Gray Rentals LLC to Reece E. Cannon, property on U.S. 150, Perryville, $45,000.

• Nettie Cox to Bryan Briggs, property on the final plat amendment # 4 Weisiger Woods, $430,000.

• Jeannie Brant to Stuart and Janice Martt, two tracts on Parksville Cross Pike, $200,000.

• Bruce Annette and Charles C. Bentley III to Paul and Katina Vazquez, property in Colonial Heights subdivision, $418,000.

• John and Julie Rodes to David and Christina Warner, property in Southgate subdivision, $229,000.

• John and Julie Rodes to David and Christina Warner, two lots in Southgate subdivision, $496,000.

• Gary Hall, as executor of the Raymond Bolden Hall estate, to John and Sylvia Hensley, property on West First Street, Perryville, $60,500.

• Richard Bottoms, as executor of the James Nelson Bottom estate, to Patricia and Jerry Robinson, two parcels in Hendren Heights subdivision, $100,000 ($75,000 cash and $25,000 which represents 1/4 inheritance interest.)

• Jerry and Teresa Johnson to New Hope Food Pantry Corp., property on George Martin Drive, $100,000.

• Pat Davis, as guardian and conservator for Shannon Holiday, to Elige Elmer and Linda Sue Woodall, unit in Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $300,000.

• U.S. Bank National Association and Carolyn Tussey, through Master Commissioner Kevin Nesbitt, to CIM REO 2021-NR1 LLC, property on Carrigan Drive, $139,500.

• Lorie A. and James Gies to Mary E. Starrett, property in Indian Hills subdivision, $233,875.

• Stanetta Doss to 421 & 425 N. Fifth Street LLC, property on East Broadway, $76,000.

• Tammy Green McNew, through Lisa Goodin, to 421 & 425 N. Fifth Street LLC, property on South Alta Avenue, $55,000.

• John and Sheila Lofton to Barrel Creek Investments LLP, property in Danville, $75,000.

• Ann Yager and Harvey A. McCrosky III to Timothy Montgomery, property on South Fourth Street, $205,000.

• David and Leann Vernon to James and Ginske Hogue, property on Earl Street, $150,000.

• Jered Engle to Jason Tyler and D. Casserly Kuplen, through Ashley Amanda Inman, formerly Ashley Amanda Kuplen, two tracts containing 139.37 acres and 7.67 acres in Boyle County, $552,000.

• Dawn Bell-McCaslin and Tim McCaslin to Joseph Hardin, property in Streamland subdivision, $285,000.

• Benjamin Coffman to Donald Bowles, property in Mitchellsburg, $49,312.

• Stuart and Janice Martt to Jeanie Brant, property in Coldwell Manor subdivision, $159,000.

• Jerry R. Lynn to George Stuart Johnson and Laura Lynn Elwyn, property on Chandler Drive, $265,000.

• Joshua T. Coulter to Leonardo Prieto Bautista and Isabel Angelino Maldonado, two parcels on Chenault Bridge Road, $55,000.

• Andrea and Jacob Lewis to Carlos Leavell, property on East Drive, $135,000.

• Ronald and Irma Hunt to Pinnacle Properties LLC, property on Kendall Drive, $285,000.

• Modern Holdings LLC to RBS Capital Holdings LLC, two parcels on U.S. 127 containing 4.28 acres and 5 acres, $250,000 and as part of a tax-free exchange.