Danville launches gift card program to support local business

Published 4:28 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

Danville has launched a new gift card program to help support local businesses. Gift cards can be purchased on Danville’s website and can be used at any of the participating locations.

“We have had a really good response,” said Danville Community Liaison Melanie Crossfield. “We have 18 businesses participating right now. We have an incredible small business community in Danville and Boyle County. This is a great way to bring them together. We have our downtown business but you have home based business, businesses at the farmers market, artists, and even businesses that aren’t downtown. We want to showcase all of the opportunities we have in Danville. It connects the businesses to each other too.”

Once someone purchases a gift card, it can be sent via text, email, or they can print a PDF to hand deliver it.

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“If you send it over text or email they receive an image of the gift card. It’s essentially a prepaid MasterCard,” Crossfield said, “They can show it to a business and use it. It also shows your current balance and sends occasional email reminders if the card hasn’t been used in a while to ensure people continue shopping and doing business in Danville.”

Crossfield was inspired to create the program after seeing Frankfort have success with a similar program. She hopes that businesses throughout the county will join the program.

“Right now we want to get as many businesses as we can.” Crossfield said. “We will shift our focus to making sure potential customers are aware. We also want to reach out to employers because this is a great way for employee appreciation gifts, reaching out to local schools to welcome new families.”

The program is called Yiftee, and is open to any small, locally owned business in Boyle County that can accept MasterCard.

“This is a larger community, not just downtown Danville,” Crossfield said. “We would love to even expand out to Junction City or other communities. It is a great way to support local business and give recipients of the gift cards the opportunity to make a day in Danville. It gives a lot of flexibility to the recipient.”   

Current Participating Locations:

• A and L Accessories

• Art Center of the Bluegrass

• Bluegrass & Buttercream

• Boogie Knight’s

• Carol’s Bridal

• CBD Etc

• Constitution Square Visitors Center & Gift Shop

• Copper and Oak

• The Great American Dollhouse Museum

• Kid’s Alley

• La Cosa Nostra

• Plaid Elephant Books

• Bricks and Brews

• Frazzell Guitars

Local Business Owners interested in participating can click here and complete the form at the bottom of the page. There is no deadline to sign up – all locally owned and operated businesses, which accept Mastercard, may participate.