Police Blotter: March 10-12, 2023

Published 5:00 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

This document serves as a quick overview of calls Danville Police responded to March 10th through March 12th, 2023. It does not include every call or detail related to each incident, names, specific street addresses and most traffic stops have been omitted.

• Burglary-Vaksdahl

Under investigation

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• Fraud-Hill N Dale


• Domestic-McKinley

Verbal only

• Suspicious Vehicle-E. Walnut

Area checked

• Domestic-Highland Ct

One party gone on arrival

• Talk to Officer-Danville PD

Options given regarding domestic issues

• Suspicious Person -Main/Stanford

Contact made subject checked

• Check Welfare-Factory Lane

Subject checked no assistance needed

• Fraud -Murphy’s

Options explained

• Collisions -Church St


• Collison -Centre College


• Collision-Manor


• Collision

Vehicle vs pedestrian occurred several days ago, options given

• Theft-Centre Estates


• Child in Vehicle-Verizon


• Open Door-W. Walnut

Property checked

• Open 911 Line-Los Rodeos

Business check

• Domestic- Super 8

Verbal only, one party relocated

• Narcotic Odor- Shakerpoint


• Subject knocking on door- E. Main

Unable to locate

• Open 911- Parking Garage

Area checked

• Collision- Danville Bypass


• Burglary in Progress- High St


• Domestic- Wings and Rings

One party gone on arrival, report/options given

• Trespassing- Denmark Drive


• Domestic- Holiday Dr

Arrest made

• Weapons Related- Centre Estates

Allegations that one party threatened another with a handgun, incident under investigation

• Alarm- Cheddars


• Collision- Bypass


• Criminal Mischief- Factory Lane

Rock thrown through window, report/investigation

• Suspicious Person- Russel St

Male sitting in front of home, gone on arrival