Amanda Bledsoe celebrates her first bill being signed to law as state senator

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Senator Amanda Mays Bledsoe delivered remarks during Wednesday’s bill signing ceremony about her first bill being signed into law. Senate Bill 57 removes barriers on cosmetology professionals moving to different states, and supports military families.

“I am proud of Senate Bill 57 because it will provide opportunity and support for military spouses who work in the cosmetology industry,” Bledsoe said. “We all know that when one family member serves, the whole family serves. The compact this bill creates will help ensure military spouses do not have to give up their careers as they move to and from Kentucky as a part of military service.

“I am grateful to know this is my first bill being signed into law, but I am most thankful for the support and collaboration of stakeholders like Julie Campbell, partners with the Department of Defense, Council of State Governments and so many others.”

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Senate Bill 57 adopts the Cosmetology Licensure Compact to make it easier for licensed cosmetologists to work in other jurisdictions.

Once at least seven states adopt the compact, cosmetologists in participating states can obtain a multistate license, so long as they have no licensing issues in their home state. The compact allows licensed cosmetologists to temporarily move from one compact state to another without waiting to receive a new state license or a hiatus between practicing. Bledsoe’s measure ultimately increases the mobility of lawfully practicing cosmetologists in compact-participating states by reducing long processing times.

Provisions of Senate Bill 57 include:

• Allows an active-duty military service member or their spouse to retain their home state designation during any period of service when that individual is on active duty.

• Requires licensees to apply to their home state for a multistate license. For a multistate license under this compact, a licensee must hold an active and unencumbered single-state license to practice cosmetology in their home state.

• Limits a licensee from a home state to possessing a multistate license in only one member state at a time.

• Requires a member state’s licensing authority to cooperate with the commission and each entity exercising independent regulatory authority over the practice of cosmetology.

• Authorizes a home state to impose adverse actions against a licensee’s multistate license issued by the home state.

• Creates the Cosmetology Compact Commission and authorizes the commission to establish an executive committee to act on its behalf.

• Requires the commission to develop, maintain, operate, and utilize a coordinated database and reporting system that contains licensure, adverse actions, and the presence of current significant investigative information on all licensed individuals in member states

• Provides for severability for any provision in the compact contrary to the constitution of any party state or of the United States.

Find Senate Bill 57 by clicking here and visit for more information on Senator Amanda Mays Bledsoe.

Senator Amanda Mays Bledsoe, R-Lexington, represents the 12th Senate District, including Boyle, Mercer and Woodford Counties and part of Fayette County. She serves as Senate Appropriations and Revenue vice chair and Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee co-chair. Bledsoe is a Senate Families and Children, Licensing and Occupations, and State and Local Government committee member. Additionally, she serves as a member of each budget review subcommittee, which includes: Economic Development and Tourism, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection; Education; General Government; Finance and Public Protection; Human Resources; and Justice and Judiciary.