Danville Utilities no longer sending delinquent bill notices

Published 5:23 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2023

In an effort to reduce printing and postage costs, Danville Municipal Utilities will no longer be mailing delinquent notices to customers.

Instead, the information that would be on the notice is included on the regular bill. Past-due balances will be printed with red ink on the regular monthly bill.

The city will continue automated calls to notify customers of late payments, and to offer general information about city utilities.

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The City Water Office is asking customers to ensure that the phone number associated with their account is up to date. Call the water department at 859-238-1200 , option 1 and 1, to inform a representative.

Danville is also allowing customers to pay their water bills at the Perryville and Junction City branches of Farmer’s National Bank. This service is available at no charge to the customer.

The city is reminding customers that payment with a credit or debit card takes 24 hours to process. Customers making payment near the time of a delinquent shut off need to contact the Water Office to ensure that the payment has been credited.

If you are making a past due payment, please contact the Water Office by calling 859-238-1200 and choose options 1 and 1, to ensure that the payment has been credited to your utility account in order to avoid a disruption in service due to delinquent shut off.   

If utility payments are provided by the customer via online payment, reconnect fees must be included before a customer is turned back on.  The reconnect fees can also be paid in person separately but must be accounted for before the service can be provided.