Ross reflects on his year at Danville

Published 11:23 am Sunday, May 28, 2023


During the Danville Independent School Board meeting on May 22, superintendent Greg Ross delivered a statement to the board regarding his resignation.

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“I’m so grateful for the opportunity, I love this community. I’m grateful for everything I have learned and the fact you gave me an opportunity to lead,” Dr. Ross said. “You trusted me to do so, and I hope I didn’t let you down in any capacity. It is crazy to say but I hate that I’m leaving as well. Someone asked my why I’m doing it and it is just one of those things where I am trying to live off purpose and not promotion.”

Board members gave comments and words of encouragement to Ross, and recently named Elmer Thomas as interim superintendent.

“We appreciate your time being here,” said board member Melinda Weathers. “From a community perspective, I appreciate your willingness to get in the community and make yourself visible and to connect with people. I hope the next superintendent is willing to continue this positive relationship you have made with the local Danville community. Personally from a person of color to be in a position of power, the impact that you have made in children’s lives so that they can look and see that some of color can achieve the highest position in Danville School District, I think that will leave an impact long after you are gone so I appreciate your time here.”

Said Board Chair Esther Rugerio: “I’m really sad to see you go. It has been a great year, and you have made great changes that have touched all of us in this community. We will definitely miss you as you go on to other things.”

Ross’s hire was announced last April and he officially started as Danville’s superintendent on July 1, 2022. He announced his resignation last week after accepting the position as Head of School for the West End School in Louisville. His resignation is effective June 10.

Ross succeeded Tammy McDonald, who resigned in 2021. The position was then filled on an interim basis by Elmer Thomas.