Voice of the People: Who is responsible for our country’s destructive policies?

Published 10:23 am Tuesday, May 30, 2023

This past week, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, held a national press conference to update America on the Committee’s findings with regard to the Biden family influence peddling. It was not covered by CBS, ABC or many other national “news” networks. Too bad – because they would have learned something.

Nine Biden family members, including a young granddaughter, have received payments totaling over $10 million. The source of these payments are adversarial foreign nationals and countries including Communist China, Russia, Romania and Ukraine. The payments were filtered through a complex system of over 20 LLCs and shell companies which existed to move money around without it being tracked. Respected legal analyst Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, who is not a Republican, said the shell companies appear to offer no purpose other than to hide monetary transactions. These companies have no identifiable product or service. Unlike the trumped-up charges — pardon the pun — of the FBIs fictional Russia collusion hoax debacle, Rep. Comer has actual bank transaction records of payments by these shell companies to the nine Biden family members.

What does this tell us? First of all, most of the national media has no interest in pursuing the truth. It’s so sad that the media, which has always leaned left, have now actually become ACTIVISTS in pushing the left’s political agenda.

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Remember when the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop broke? Actually, if you don’t follow the New York Post, you probably DON’T remember. The mainstream media put together a collection of “51 members of the intelligence community” who claimed the laptop was “Russian Disinformation.” Question: What part of the laptop was Russian Disinformation? Who are these 51 people? These FBI leakers to a compliant press were lying and they knew they were lying. The media can lie but what does this tell us about the FBI and the DOJ? This corruption of the FBI and DOJ is outrageous. Where have we gone as a country when a corrupt FBI and DOJ apply the law unevenly and protect the people they want in power and persecute their political opponents?

How does China’s influence over Biden affect you and me? Under the CCP, China is a totalitarian society that uses facial recognition technology, social credit scores and concentration camps to control its population. Communist societies cannot innovate technologically because of their lack of incentives, but they can laser focus on STEALING technology. Which is what they do. Right after taking office, Biden scrapped Trump’s China initiative, which was created to identify and stop China’s stealing of technology. Also, the Biden Administration is allowing Chinese companies on American Exchanges to be exempt from the same regulation that American companies are subjected to.

Under Biden’s weak leadership a new ominous alliance is forming between the world’s most powerful authoritarian regimes, China, Russia and Iran. Eighty percent of the world’s transactions were once conducted in dollars. Now it’s down to 55%. America’s might is diminishing.

The world is a dangerous place. America must have clear-eyed leadership. When information about bad candidates is hidden from the public for political reasons, we end up with the destructive policies we have now.

— Eben D. Henson, Danville