Fiscal Court applies for Junction City Park grant

Published 2:49 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2023


The Fiscal Court agreed to apply for a Land and Water Conservation grant for upgrades to Junction City Park at their meeting on May 23.

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County Administrator Julie Wagner explained that the pavilion at Junction City Park received the Land and Water Conservation grant about 40 years ago, so she believes it is time they renew the grant. The county will ask for $100,000, which it will have to match.

The county has budgeted $50,000 for the match, and will ask for donations for the other $50,000, from the schools and other organizations.

The project will include a new pavilion with handicap-accessible restrooms, upgrade the basketball court, upgrade the grill, put in new picnic tables, including two handicap-accessible tables, motion-sensing security lighting, cameras and adding inclusive playground equipment for autistic and handicapped children.

Wagner said Boyle County FFA has expressed interest in doing some of the landscaping, and the schools could partner in other ways like tree planting as well.

Magistrate Paula Bodner said that upgrades at the park have been needed for a long time.

“I see those kids, and there’s so much more they could be doing, and this will draw a lot of the community out,” Bodner said.

Challenge Coins

EMS Director Mike Rogers recognized two EMS workers for saving a life. Sarah Bugg and Jerry Domidion were presented a challenge coin, which is a recognition of excellent patient care resulting in a life save.

Rogers explained that they had a patient who was not breathing, and had no pulse. Bugg and Domidion gave the patient treatment, the patient went to the hospital, and later left the hospital in good health.

The court also recognized EMS week and thanked EMS workers for their service.

“You all see the worst of the worst too, and there’s lots of times that you go on a run and you have a situation like this and it’s beyond your control and there’s nothing you can do, but in this situation there was extremely positive results from this and a life save,” Bottom said. “We just can’t thank you enough for what you do and the skills you all have and the knowledge you have.”

In other business, the court:

• Appointed the three citizens in charge of the reapportionment process, which is to determine new boundaries for magistrate districts they represent, based on new census data. They appointed Ella Johnson, Harold Green, and Janice Spears. They will be paid $1,000 per person.

• Agreed to change the county’s health insurance plan to help with employee retention. The plan will be an additional $158,000, which will cover health insurance paid by the county for its employees.

• Passed a zone change recommendation for 1765 Bonta Lane near Junction City. The property is 1.7 acres and will be changed from agricultural to single-family residential.