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Published 2:42 pm Monday, June 19, 2023

100 YEARS AGO — 1923

• Vincent Freeman, a furniture  man of Danville,  planned a family reunion in Danville in August and agreed to pay for all the entertainment for the 50 family members.  He planned road trips and entertainment for the guests from eight states.

• P.C. Sanders, local health officer, investigated a rumor that several children at the Centre Carnival had whooping cough and he was looking for parents of the children. He planned to issue warrants for the parents.

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• The Dix River Power Company proposed to build a large dam across  the river to develop, distribute and sell water and electricity for the use in neighboring communities.  It was planned  on the Mercer County side of the river near Curdsville.

• The Danville and Perryville pike was set to open. The people of the West End of Boyle County were eager to travel the five-mile stretch.

• Dr. Ames Montgomery  was  installed as Centre College’s fifteenth president.

75 YEARS AGO — 1948

• Alumni Day was held the day before Centre College’s commencement program with several activities including a dinner at McReynolds dining hall,  president’s reception at Craik House,  and board of trustees meeting.

• Centre College Board of Trustees authorized construction to begin with $127,000 although more funds were sought to complete the $300,000 project.

• Lillian Bosley Walters of Danville, a member of the Centre College class of 1936, was elected president of the Alumnae Association Kentucky College for Women.

• Jack Farmer won over Earl Snedegar to the tune of 21-13 in a horseshoe tournament with a field of 17 entries. In the doubles, Paul Furr and his partner Buford Saunders, won over Johnny Taylor and Jack Payne 21-3. In the muleshoe tournament for younger players, Raymond Massey won over Huston Heath in the finals, 21-9.

50 YEARS AGO  —1973

• A new beef packing firm was scheduled to locate on South Second Street and employ between 80 and 100 people. Parsons Beef Company in Lexington planned to locate on the property.

• Boyle Fiscal Court passed a $332,222 budget for the fiscal year and approved Federal Revenue Sharing $78,937 in budget funds expected to be received in the first half of 1973.

• Employees of Jackson of Danville pledged $16,210 to the Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital fund. It brought the fund up to $660,400 of the $1 million needed for the project.

• Thieves broke into Danville Country Club and did more damage than stealing. The pro shop and clubhouse were robbed and damaged and vending machines were robbed.

25 YEARS AGO — 1998

• The Heart of Danville and Danville-Boyle County Convention and Visitors Center decorated the Hub building in preparation for the weekend’s Great American Brass Band Festival.

• Boyle County  School Board voted to name new athletic fields for the late Ballard Robinson, a 17-year veteran school board president and Junction City postmaster. Known as the “Voice of the Rebels”, Robinson was announcer for all football and men’s basketball games for many years.

• Pam Rogers was named superintendent by the Boyle County School Board. She also served as assistant superintendent for many years.

• Boyle County began steps to bring all its four rescue squads under one umbrella after a new state law reorganized Disaster and Emergency Services and placed the operation of the Division of Emergency Management.