Pet of the Week

Published 10:01 am Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Danville-Boyle County Humane Society

One dog plus one cat equals two fantastic Pets of the Week: Copper and Caramel. They visited Plaid Elephant Books last Saturday to enjoy Tails and Tales, and Copper and Caramel were perfect guests as children read to them!

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Copper’s warm reddish brown coat inspired his name, and he has the happiest smile. At almost two years old, he’s mature enough to be careful around tiny humans while maintaining his puppy-like joy. For example, when Copper met his new friends at the event, he was so excited that he bopped around, showering everyone with affection. Copper respected his surroundings and enjoyed every minute at the bookstore, proving he’s phenomenal with people of all ages.

After his joyous welcome, Copper snuggled with his small readers. He’s not so good with reading comprehension, but he is the best boy who eventually fell asleep from all the fun. Take this golden pup home, and he’ll make an excellent companion for any family.

Saturday, June 24, is Cat World Domination Day. It acknowledges cats’ utter disregard for their humans and the pawssibility that felines are plotting to take over the world. Although it’s a tongue-in-cheek celebration, the truth is that cats are one of the most successful non-native species worldwide. Where they go doesn’t matter; they thrive, with or without humans. With her smarts, cuteness, and energy level, Caramel is well on her way to dominating her small world.

Caramel is a four-week-old tortoiseshell kitten with gorgeous markings and sparkling eyes. She’s thriving in her foster home: playing, sleeping, playing, snuggling, sleeping some more, and playing, of course. She’s a clean kitty who uses her litterbox like a pro and uses her scratch pad instead of clawing furniture. A confident kitten, Caramel handled being handled like a champ! Everyone at Plaid Elephant wanted to hold her, and she was glad to oblige, nuzzling her new little friends and hardly paying attention to the stories. Take this sweet thing home with you, and Caramel will dominate your attention.

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