Commission addresses variety of issues

Published 3:58 pm Monday, July 3, 2023


During the Danville City Commission meeting on June 26, the commission officially recognized the retirement of Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator Bridgette Lester.

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“Today I stand here proud, humbled, and emotional all at once,” Lester said to the commission. “I bid farewell to the organization that has played such a meaningful role in my life. I am saying goodbye to the most supportive and incredible colleagues.”

Danville Police Captain Johnathan Mullins was appointed to fill the vacant position.

“I have big shoes to fill,” Capt. Mullins said. “ I am going to do my best, she is doing her best to train me. I will do the best I can to take that knowledge and move forward.”

Danville natives Melinda Weathers and Cheryl Burton encouraged the commission to pass the CROWN Act. The CROWN Act, which stands for creating a respectful and open world for natural hair, aims to protect people with Afro-textured hair from experiencing discrimination based on hair styles such as braids, dreadlocks, Afros or protective head coverings.

“There is currently state or federal protection from race based hair discrimination,” Burton said. “We encourage the city to adopt the CROWN act and be proactive instead of reactive in supporting African American citizens in this community. This is an opportunity to create a welcoming and inclusive environment to live, work, and visit.”

The commission voted to hold a listening session and draft an ordinance for the city’s CROWN Act.

In other news from the meeting, the commission approved the following resolutions and ordinances:

• Resolution 2023-06-26-01: The city has agreed to pay a fee of $216,400 to architecture firm Brandstetter Carroll for the design of the police department renovations. City Engineer Josh Morgan explained that this fee is 8 percent of the estimated building cost which he described as a fair rate.

• Resolution 2023-06-26-02: A contract with Trane Inc. in total of $709,500 for the install of more energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems in the Jennie Rogers building.

• Resolution 2023-06-26-08: The resolution gives Danville official ownership of the Meadow Lane Cemetery. This allows the city to take responsibility for maintaining the cemetery which was previously being done by the Central Kentucky African American Historical Society. The city was able to claim ownership of the land via a quit claim deed since ownership can’t be proven as the rightful heirs of land would be the descendants of the original owners from 1872. The commission further approved a quiet title deed that would allow any heirs to file a lawsuit for ownership.

• Ordinance 2016: The first reading for a zoning change of 2.42 acres at 60 Westridge Drive from industrial business development to light industrial.

• Ordinance 2017: The first reading for a zoning change of 12.006 acres at 0 Baughman Avenue from two-family housing to single-family housing.

• Ordinance 2018: The first reading for a zoning change of 0.23 acres at 496 and 498 Dillehay Street from industrial business development to central business.

• Resolution 2023-06-26-03: A contract with the Boyle County Health Department for 2024 fiscal year to continue providing the city employees with biometric screenings, shots for Hepatitis A and B and annual flu shots. The contract cost is $5,400.

• Resolution 2023-06-26-04: The city now has a total of 175 authorized positions for the 2024 fiscal year. This is two more total positions than the previous fiscal year.

• Ordinance 2019: The commission has approved the first reading of compensation plan of city employees for the 2024 fiscal year.

• Resolution 2023-26-06: The commission approved the trust agreement with KLC General Insurance for the city’s property and liability insurance for the 2024 fiscal year. The city’s premium is $385,271.35.

• Resolution 2023-26-07: The commission has approved the trust agreement with KLC General Insurance to provide the city’s worker’s comp for the 2024 fiscal year at a cost of $226,000.

• Ordinance 2014: The second reading for the ordinance which approves the city’s budget for the previous fiscal year.

• Resolution 2023-06-26-09: A bid for paving of the softball parking lot at Millennium Park and for improving previous patch work from The Allen Co. for $135,324.40

• Resolution 2023-06-26-11: A change order from Guardian Fencing Construction in total of $75,087.53 for breaking up bedrock at the new tennis complex.

• Ordinance 2015: The commission approved the second reading of an ordinance which will require citizens to have a permit to work in a city right-of-way on their property