And they’re off! The Snappin’ Chaplin Turtle Derby helps support Main Street Perryville.

Published 3:00 am Friday, July 28, 2023



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On Saturday, downtown Perryville was packed with food, games, vendors, and music for the Snappin’ Chaplin Turtle Derby.

“We have had a great day,” said Aly Huff, director of Main Street Perryville. “We have a dunk booth which is really exciting, people have been able to dunk Judge-Executive Trille Bottom and Mayor Carlos Miller. We have had people here all day supporting Main Street.”

To help raise money for Main Street Perryville, derby goers can purchase plastic turtles to race down Chaplin River with the top 3 winners receiving cash prizes.

“We are raising money to preserve the historic buildings in downtown Perryville,” Huff said. “We are really excited, we have already exceeded our turtle sales from last year.”

Huff estimates around 1,500 people attended the derby with 2,209 turtles being sold. The derby raised $10,000.

“Anything over 2,000 we felt is a win,” Huff said. “It has been great, our vendors have been full. People have been walking up and down the streets. That’s really what is all about, just community and getting people here.”

The winners of this year’s derby was Justin Engell. Jessica Merten was second, and Steve Bailey finished third.