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Published 8:41 am Tuesday, August 1, 2023

100 YEARS AGO  — 1923

• A revival in Parksville continued to attract large crowds in a big tent when the Rev. Frank Cochran of Louisville was preaching. A 50-member youth choir was featured in the singing.

• Kentucky farmers produced approximately 567,000 acres of all types of tobacco compared to 525,000 last year.

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• Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative bought property from James Baughman and planned to build a huge warehouse.

• A rain storm took out a large plate-glass window in Gilcher Hotel on Main Street,  and did considerable amount of damage to the building.

• A large crowd of auto dealers and trained mechanics were at Danville Motor Company on Fourth Street to educate dealers in Danville and surrounding counties.

75 YEARS  AGO  — 1948

• Danville Country Club hosted the women’s golf tournament when women from this area competed.

• Eben C. Henson, vice president of the Water Safety Boyle County Chapter, taught a safety instruction course for young men and women.

• The U.S. Army set up a registration desk at the local post office for18-year-olds who wanted to enlist in the Army Air Force.

• Farmers complained about grasshoppers raising havoc with the  crops in Boyle County. A portion of the farm crops were ruined by the pests.

• The annual Aliceton Camp Meeting was held at the campgrounds near  Gravel Switch. Many of the guest speakers used cottages on the campground during the week.

• First Baptist Church, Broadway, discussed plans to build a new Sunday School building near the church.

50 YEARS AGO — 1973

• Fire destroyed the Danville Screw Company near the railroad on West Walnut Street.

• Kentucky School for the Deaf Superintendent John W. Hudson resigned his position to take a new post as superintendent of South Dakota School for the Deaf.

• Three new police officers — Thomas Dunsmore, James Abell Jr. and Larry Cleo Paterson, were hired for  Danville Police Department.

• Boyle County Fiscal court got $89,990  and Danville City Commission got $78,214 in Title I funds.

• Ephraim McDowell Hospital received a  $500,000 gift from the Robert Wood Johnson Jr. Charitable Trust Fund to use in its building program.

• The state highway department began removing advertising signs along  U.S. highways 68, 150 and127 in the Danville city limits.

25 YEARS AGO  — 1998

• Officials at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington worked with officials in hospitals in Lincoln and Garrard counties to develop a joint medical center between Lancaster and Stanford.

• New motels, Comfort Suites and Hampton Inn, began a development process and one other one was exploring the option of locating in  Danville.

• A local group of livestock farmers made plans to organize a youth livestock show and sale livestock project at Boyle County Livestocks to help local youth to get top prizes for their animals.