TEDx event coming to Danville in October

Published 3:17 pm Monday, August 21, 2023



The first-ever TEDx event in Danville is happening on Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in Gravely Auditorium at Danville High School. The event is free to all attendees.

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The event is organized by a local family, Larry and Eboney Weathers. Through his company Weathers Agency, Larry Weathers acquired a license to hold a TEDx event.

TED Conferences are organized and run directly by TED, whose TED Talks reach a global audience. TEDx events are not run by that organization; they’re planned and hosted locally for smaller communities. Local groups or individuals can get a license to coordinate the events, and can choose speakers for their community audience.

Larry Weathers spoke to the Danville City Commission at their meeting on Monday, requesting that they sponsor the event. He said it will bring people to Danville since TED is such a widely known entity. He also said it will bring expert knowledge to attendees.

“The point of TED is to bring ideas worth sharing,” Weathers said. “That’s a range from music, science, technology; but it’s meant to be from those who are experts in their field.”

This is the first time a TEDx event is being held in Danville. The event is titled “DISRUPT-Danville: Igniting the Power of Change.” The website for the event said it will explore the theme of disruption as a catalyst for transformation.

The website states that speakers “will delve into the transformative power of disruption and examine its potential to foster creativity, inspire change, question the familiar, challenge existing systems, and ignite positive change in their lives, communities, and beyond. Together, we will explore how disruption can lead to the birth of innovative ideas, spark dynamic collaborations, and shape a future that transcends limitations.”

Danville’s talks will be limited to 10 minutes each so they can fit in more speakers. Speakers will act as volunteers and bear the cost of their appearance, they will not be paid for travel, lodging, or speaking.

Speakers will be welcomed both locally and from around the world. Weathers said they have advertised for speakers and have already received about 115 applications from people around the world.

Danville’s event will also be having local students speak. Weathers said they’re looking for elementary and high school students, and will pick two to speak.

“It’s going to be highly successful, and the goal is to literally create a TEDx Danville foundation, and that way we would be able to host them as many times as we want, we can get multiple licenses, and we can even take it to other cities in Kentucky, but still we would brand it as TEDx Danville, so that’s the long term vision,” Weathers said.

Weathers said his agency has paid for a website and for the venue. But they are looking for sponsorships to cover an amount of about $15,000.

Some sponsorship money will go toward professional audio and videography services, as TED requires three cameras for each event. Weathers said it could be between $7,000 and $9,000. The video of the event will go on the TED Youtube channel, which Weathers said could get millions of views.

Other sponsorship money will go toward a VIP reception for dignitaries and guest speakers, and a 3D TEDx Danville sign that will go across the stage, which may be up to $4,000.

Weathers asked the Danville commission for any amount they would like to contribute, and said that he came to them first before anyone else. Commissioners said they would discuss possible contributions and have an answer at the next meeting. They encouraged Weathers to also ask the Fiscal Court and the CVB for sponsorships.

Locals can also contribute smaller donations to sponsor the event. People can go to the website tedxdanville.org to find out information, sign up as a volunteer, or become a sponsor.