Bowled over; McDowell Place of Danville is home to Kentucky’s only National Community League Wii bowling teams

Published 12:36 pm Thursday, September 14, 2023

By Lance Gaither

The 14th year National Community League Wii Bowling tournament is on with 145 teams from 24 states competing to be in the top spot through more than seven weeks of competition followed by another one to four weeks of play at the national level. The McDowell Place of Danville has 24 residents comprising six teams in this year’s fall tournament.

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“We have been the only teams from Kentucky the entire time we have been involved,” said McDowell Place activity manager Gina Scott. “It is all electronic. We use the Wii and post our scores. I have the schedule and today they might be playing a team from say New York. I post the scores on a board. They love seeing the board updated and where their standings are.”

The tournament is open to anyone regardless of ability.

“The cool thing is we never have to leave the building,” Scott said. “Anyone can participate regardless of physical or mental ability.”

Although none of the teams has ever earned the top spot, they are serious competitors.

“We have placed in the last four years,” Scott said. “It is a pretty big deal for our folks here. We have some teams that have bowled almost perfect games. We have some really good teams this year. It is something they look forward to and it is really good for building comradely.”

The participants enjoy the competition and activity the tournament provides.

“I enjoy it. It’s fun and good exercise,” said resident Bettye Long. “I don’t have anything bad to say about it.”

Resident Lucille Lemmon did have one complaint.

“The only thing bad I can say,” Lemmon said, “is that my score is never that good.”