Not your average flower pot; 800-plus-pound urn stolen from Lexington Avenue Baptist Church

Published 12:46 pm Thursday, September 14, 2023

By Lance Gaither

Sometime during the last weekend of August, a metal urn weighing more than 800 pounds was stolen from the front steps of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church. Lifelong church member, Beverly Durham, said that the urns were donated to the church by another member, Ruby Gammon Davis, 20 years ago.

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“Danville police have been investigating,” Durham said. “They have went around to the neighbors to see if anybody had cameras or saw anything but nobody did. They don’t have any leads.”

She has contacted all recycling centers within a 50 mile radius to be on the lookout for the urn but is not confident that it will be found.

“I called and put them on alert,” Durham said. “They all told me that it would likely be broken down by the time it was brought to them so they wouldn’t be able to recognize it.”

Police did not return calls from the Advocate-Messenger.

Despite the weight of the urn, bricks in front of the church were not damaged indicating that theft involved a group. Durham explained that the urn was in a blind spot of the church’s cameras and that the thieves used the cover of the church’s landscaping for their theft.

“I think they drove around the church and looked at the cameras,” Durham said. “If they had taken the other one they would have been out in the open and got caught on camera.”

The church is currently on the lookout for a replacement urn. Anyone with information about the stolen urn or where the church can find a replacement is asked to call the Lexington Avenue Baptist Church office at 859-236-3565.