City commission approves new ordinances

Published 10:55 am Friday, September 15, 2023

By Lance Gaither

During its meeting on Sept. 11, the Danville Commission approved the following ordinances and resolutions:

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• The first reading of Ordinance 2022: The ordinance authorizes the City of Danville to sell and issue general obligation public project bonds. Funding from the bonds will go toward financing of several planned utility projects in the city. Up to $6.5 million in bonds will be issued.

• Municipal Order 09-11-01-2023: The goal of the order is to help the city recoup the cost of training of new firefighter recruits. New recruits will be given a contract that requires them to repay their training costs to the city if they leave the fire department within three years. If a firefighter leaves within three years, they would owe the city the cost of their training, which is $23,750.

• Municipal Order 09-11-02-23: Similar to the contract for city firefighters, Danville Police recruits will be given a contract that requires them to stay on Danville PD for three years after completing their training. If they leave, they will be billed $19,680 to reimburse the city for the cost of training.

• Resolution 2023-08-11-01: An agreement with the Kentucky Rural Water Association to create an apprenticeship program. New water utility trainees hired by Danville will receive 4,000 hours of on-the-job training with 288 hours of classroom instruction over two years.

• Resolution 2023-09-11-02: The city has entered a training agreement with the Bluegrass Community Technical College. With a rate of $200 per credit hour, supervisors and managers of city employees can send those employees deemed as future leaders to necessary classes on leadership and soft skills such.