DreamFlight run takes over airport

Published 10:01 am Monday, October 9, 2023


Individuals and families alike gathered under perfect weather for DreamFlight Charities’ Run the Runway 5k held this past weekend at the Danville-Boyle County Airport. The first event held at the field in more than 20 years, this unique 5K walk/run event looked to promote interest in Kentucky’s growing aviation community and industry.

“Proceeds from the event help us encourage and inspire the next generation of aviators,” says DreamFlight’s Executive Director, Drew Underwood. “With the support of our participants here today, we are able to provide everything from discovery flights and training scholarships to mobile aviation camps that can bring the exciting world of aviation to even the most remote parts of our state.”

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Underwood also looked to thank the event’s sponsors, including Stuart Powell Ford and Mazda, Wings Flight Enterprises, Underwood Design, Farmers National Bank, Wilderness Trace Solar, Flight Level Services, and Kentucky 1st Insurance. Underwood continued, “Putting on an event like this would be extremely difficult without the help of individuals and organizations who believe in our mission.”

As they near their second year of operation, DreamFlight Charities seeks to utilize aviation as a transformative tool in the lives of students across the state. “We believe we have a unique method of addressing a multitude of issues, including behavioral intervention, creating diversity in the workplace, and promoting career readiness – just to name a few,” states Underwood.

Additional information about DreamFlight Charities can be found on their website at www.dreamflightcharities.org.

Race results for the day’s event are as follows:

Male 12 & Under

• 1st Place – Elijah Howard

• 2nd Place – August Bruley

• 3rd Place – Samuel Pereslucka

Male 13-17

• 1st Place – Ben Gant

Male 18-24

• 1st Place – Kylin Jia

• 2nd Place – Charles Simmons

• 3rd Place – Tim Pribyshchuk

Male 25-34

• 1st Place – John Anderson

• 2nd Place – Karl Hempel

• 3rd Place – Jeff Perez

Males 35-44

• 1st Place – Joel Eastman

• 2nd Place – Justin Pereslucka

• 3rd Place – Nathan Bruley

Males 45-54

• 1st Place – Willie Costley

• 2nd Place – Michael Register

• 3rd Place – Russell Woods

Males 55 & Over

• 1st Place – Richard Hempel

• 2nd Place – Ernest Pergrem

• 3rd Place – Carl Plaugher

Females 13 to 17

• 1st Place – Kaitlynn Howard

• 2nd Place – Leah Pereslucka

• 3rd Place – Josephine Pereslucka

Females 18-24

• 1st Place – Maya McCoy

• 2nd Place – Taylor Gant

Females 35-44

• 1st Place – Catharine Norelius

• 2nd Place – Janelle McGowan-Sylvan

• 3rd Place – Autumn Mastroianni

Females 45-54

• 1st Place – Amy Bogardus

• 2nd Place – Lisa Pereslucka

• 3rd Place – Evelyn Jane Barker

Females 55 & Over

• 1st Place – Michele Isaacs

• 2nd Place – Pam Weiger

• 3rd Place – Margaret Riley