Meet Gravely Hall’s new technical director

Published 9:13 am Thursday, October 19, 2023


Danville Independent Schools

Here is what Jaden Steberl had to say about his new role as Gravely Hall Performing Arts Center’s technical director, as well as his background and what he is looking forward to doing in his new position.

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What are you liking about working in Gravely Hall as the technical director so far?

Being the new tech director for Gravely has been a refreshing change of pace in my life. It brings new challenges to the table with each new event and show, and accommodating on the fly. It’s exciting to see the fire for theatre these students have, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Please briefly summarize your related work experience before you took this position.

I’ve done similar jobs on the side that were more part-time and event-based, while also working in daycare for the past six years. My wife, Emma, grew up in the world of theatre, while I’ve always been into being a musician and dabbling in music production. After our worlds collided eight years ago, it was a no brainer to do my own research on running lights and sound for a production. She runs multiple shows a year, and I have had to adapt to many different tech setups and venue sizes to make her shows the best they can be. I now have over seven full show productions, along with various local events including pageants, graduations, and performances, under my belt.

Do you have history with the Danville community? If so, please summarize. If not, what brought you here?

I grew up in Lincoln County just down the road but have always had more of a sense of community here in Danville. Since graduating high school, I have lived in the area and decided that this town was a great place to call home for the long haul.

What is your background in the arts?

I have been in love with music since I was very little. I started playing guitar, singing, and writing songs at 12, and have since written many songs, and recorded a few. I also lead a local worship team.

What are some things you are excited to work on or accomplish as Gravely’s technical director?

I am looking forward to bringing magic to the stage and designing shows that really pop and give the audience a memorable experience.