DISD endorses Kentucky Safe Schools Week

Published 3:10 pm Friday, October 20, 2023


Danville Independent Schools

Kentucky Safe Schools Week is Oct. 15–21, and the Danville Independent School District officially proclaimed those days as Danville Independent Schools Safe Schools Week with a theme of Light the Way.

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This week schools can promote and enhance school safety through targeted activities and discussions. The goal is to raise awareness about various aspects of school safety and empower students, teachers, parents and the community to take proactive measures to create a safe learning environment.

Residents can join the DISD community and participate in this year’s “Light the Way” campaign in your school, home and community by taking the online “Light the Way” pledge at www.kysafeschools.org/safe-schools-week/safety-week-pledge.

I pledge to “Light the Way” by:

Understanding that school safety starts with Me

Preparing for emergencies

Being a good digital citizen

Showing kindness

 When taking the pledge, select “County or Independent School District,” then select “Danville Independent.”