Trash collection rates on the rise

Published 8:15 am Friday, November 24, 2023

Per the Recycling and Solid Waste Agreement of Republic Services and the City of Danville, there will be a rate increase for garbage collection.

Rates have been adjusted accordingly and a 5.248% increase will be applied to services. These changes will appear on the next invoice.

The new rates are reflected below.

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Residential Services

Trash Old Rate – $10.93, Trash New Rate – $11.50

Recycling Old Rate – $3.65, Recycling New Rate – $3.84

Extra Cart Old Rate – $4.17, Extra Cart New Rate – $4.39

Commercial Services

Trash Old Rate – $25.75, Trash New Rate – $27.10

Several audits show many customers having requested and received additional carts. The agreed upon pricing and service is for one cart. Having two or more carts will result in the additional cart charge of $4.39.

For more information, call Republic Services at (859) 263-2000.