My name is Lily . . .

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I am a recovering addict and alcoholic. Before I entered the Isaiah House program, I was lost, beaten down, and broken. I couldn’t even remember who I truly was. I was pregnant, had no job, and had warrants for my arrest. I lost my home, my car, and had to give my mother guardianship of my son.

I was sick and tired of running on the streets, tired of my boyfriend’s lies, and just sick of being sick and tired. I realized I was a broken shell of who I once was, and I decided to enter the Isaiah House treatment program.

During my first 28 days, I wanted to do nothing but leave. I thought I had all the answers. I wasn’t going to relapse. I wasn’t like other people.

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I ended up losing my baby in residential treatment, but surprisingly, that didn’t make me leave or want to use drugs. It made me stronger and brought me closer to God. It made me more determined to better my life.

At the end of my 28 days, I felt like myself again.

After graduating from residential treatment, I went to Isaiah House’s Intensive Outpatient Program. They made me feel stronger and determined. I later graduated from IOP and moved into sober living.

Throughout the program, I learned a lot about who I was. I also learned that God loves me no matter what. He wants me to prosper in life and enjoy it. He wants me to call upon him when I’m hurting, and he will hold and love me. Every blessing I have received was from the glory of God. All I had to do was let his will thrive and let my will go.

To anyone young and afraid to pick up that phone, please don’t be. You have so much to live for. There’s more to life than drugs and alcohol, and Isaiah House can show you a path you probably never thought you had. They have so many opportunities for people in the program, from helping you find your higher power, helping with your mental health, helping with your criminal past and getting a car, to helping you find a career you will love.

Isaiah House is more than just a rehab — it’s family.

A family that cares. A family that will listen. A family that will pray with you. A family that will help you find who you truly are.

— Lily Pyles