Birth announcements

Published 10:40 am Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Births recorded recently at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville.

• November 19, a girl, Elena Kate Doughty, to Maegan and Derrick Doughty of Harrodsburg

• November 22, a girl, Annslee Elaine Chastain, born to Anne Thomas and Michael Cole Chastain of Springfield.

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• December 4, a boy, Cade Bryant Warren, to Breanne and Marcus Warren of Harrodsburg

• December 4, a boy, Carter Wade Horton, to Mckenzie and Chad Horton of Liberty

• December 6, a girl, Victoria Angelica Hernandez Gonzalo to Guadalupe Gonzalo and Moses Hernandez of Junction City

• December 10, a boy, Caylix Wyatt Reynolds to Aurora Lonzano of Liberty  and Austin Reynolds of Harrodsburg

• December 10, a girl, Emberlynn Grace Arnold-Keith, born to Kelsey Arnold and Austin Keith of Stanford.

• December 11, a boy, Elliot James Meade, born to Kendra and Tyler Meade of Kings Mountain.

• December 11, a girl, Tilly Grace Bowman born to Kayla and Jason Bowman of Lancaster

• December 12, a boy, Vaughn River Ray, born to Vanessa and Joshua Ray of Lancaster.

• December 12, a girl, Lilah Sinclair Coyle born to Shannon and Trevor Coyle of Danville

• December 13, a boy, Xander Howard Tomlin born to Mackenzie and Xavier Tomlin of Danville

• December 13, a boy, Tobias Dale Smith born to Melannie Gadd of Brodhead

• December 13, a female, Sylvia Fae Carpenter born to Amber Lanham and Shane Carpenter of Parksville

• December 14, a boy, Jose Pablo Emiliano Lopez Gomez born to Lora Byrd of Russell Springs.

• December 16, a boy, Lyndon Elton Sadler, born to Lyndell Yeast and Lee Sadler of Harrodsburg

• January 5, a boy, Mylo Reece Hafley born to Ashley Hafley of Lebanon