Steve Hoffman named Arts Citizen of the Year

Published 9:44 am Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Danville Boyle County Arts Commission named Steve Hoffman as the 2023 Arts Citizen of the Year. He is the Executive Director of the Norton Center at Centre College.

The Arts Citizen of the Year award was initiated in 2004 by the Arts Commission to recognize an individual or individuals who have, throughout their careers, exhibited a commitment to the arts which has enriched us all.

The year 2023 marks the 20th Arts Citizen of the Year award. The Arts Commission Board is pleased to recognize Steve Hoffman for his many contributions to Danville and Boyle County, not only in his role as Executive Director of the Norton Center at Centre College, but his engagement in the community.

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Hoffman’s career before coming to Danville included work in museums and cultural centers in California and South Dakota. Those experiences made him a perfect fit for the Norton Center and Centre College. His natural inclination is to view performances and the arts as tools to enrich and enhance life in the broader community.

The annual season at the Norton Center includes internationally recognized performers, new and innovative performance artists, a wide variety of multi-disciplinary arts programs, and multiple opportunities for young students to experience live theater.

Beyond his work at the Norton Center, Hoffman has served on several local boards, including the Gladys Project and the Art Center of the Bluegrass.  He has served as co-chair of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Boyle Arts and Culture Day.

Hoffman is not only an arts administrator, he is an artist. His photographs have been selected twice for the Governor’s Derby Art Exhibit at the Capitol.

Special Recognition: Norton Center

In addition to recognizing the Arts Citizen of the Year, the Arts Commission is also recognizing the Norton Center for 50 years of bringing world-class entertainment and diverse arts experiences to the local community.

The impact of the Norton Center in the cultural life of our immediate area can be felt beyond the stage.  Collaborative programming, student access, and national recognition have benefited people beyond Centre College.

An awards presentation happened at the Danville City Commission meeting on Jan. 8.

In honor of Hoffman, the Arts Commission has made a contribution to the Norton Center’s Arts for the Classroom Ticket Subsidy program.

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2022 Special Recognition to Farmer’s Market

2023 Steve Hoffman

2023 Special Recognition to the Norton Center