Danville alumni stories: Kimberly Velasco

Published 4:22 pm Friday, February 2, 2024

Kimberly Velasco is director of Family Services Association of Boyle County, a private nonprofit organization, and is a 2014 Danville High School graduate. She has lived in Danville for 20 years, since she immigrated to the United States from Mexico when she was 8 years old.

She is also a parent representative on the Danville Independent Schools Community Leadership Committee, formed through the Prichard Committee’s Kentucky Community Schools Initiative.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Community Leadership Committee and to have the opportunity to serve the students of Danville and their families,” she said. “This role is significant because it aligns with my passion and profession. To ensure the success of our children in both school and life, our families must thrive as well. I eagerly look forward to the committee meeting, where we can collaborate and develop effective solutions to help bridge the gaps between our community and the schools.”

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Velasco has two children who go to school in the DISD. One attends Edna L. Toliver Intermediate School, and the other attends Mary G. Hogsett Primary School.

Learn more about her and her Danville Schools journey in the interview below.

Tell us about your Danville Schools journey. What school(s) did you attend, and what’s a highlight that stands out to you?

I attended Hogsett, Bate, and Danville High. One of my most memorable moments was my experience in the ESL program. As someone who was learning English, school was quite intimidating. However, Mrs. Durham, my ESL teacher then, was one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. She taught me English from elementary to middle school, and I am grateful for her guidance.

What aspects of your Danville Schools education helped mold you into the person you are today?

I became a peer tutor in the Functional Mental Disability (FMD) room during my junior and senior years of high school. Amy Hurst was a significant inspiration for me during this time and played a crucial role in shaping me into the mother I am today.

When you think back on your Danville Schools experience, are there specific instances or relationships that stand out to you as having had a significant impact on your success since graduating?

I am incredibly grateful to the people who have significantly impacted my life. There are too many to name individually. However, my senior-year advisor, Mr. Stafford, played a crucial role in shaping my future.

During my high school years, I was uncertain about what my future held. My undocumented status and my responsibility to provide for my daughter made it feel like I had no prospects. However, Mr. Stafford believed in me and encouraged me to apply to colleges. Although it took some time, I eventually pursued a degree in social work. I recently obtained my bachelor’s degree and am working toward my master’s in social work. I owe a lot to Mr. Stafford, who never gave up on me.

As a product of Danville Schools, what advice would you give to a parent who was choosing an education path for their child?

As a parent with two young children in the district, I greatly value the diverse environment that the Danville Schools provide, while also prioritizing compassion in their teaching methods. If you are searching for a school where your child can excel academically and socially, DISD is an excellent option. I also encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education, as it can significantly impact their academic success.

As a product of Danville Schools, what drives you to give back to your local school and/or district?

My motivation to give back to my local schools is driven by my desire to support all children, especially those whose parents cannot be as involved as they would like.

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