Birth Announcements: Jan. 26 to Feb. 29, 2024

Published 4:45 pm Friday, March 8, 2024

  • January 26, a male, Thomas James Wright, born to Amelia and Daniel Wright of Lancaster.
  • January  30, female, Gracelynn Kay Franks, born to Katelyn Roy and Dyan Franks of Kings Mountain.
  • January 29, a male, Krew Wayne Cochran, born to Kadee Langford and Brady Cochran of Danville.
  • February 1, male, John Anthony Reynolds, born to Tamra Farmer and John Reynolds of Stanford.
  • February 3, male, Maddix Clarence McGrath, born to Kelsey Hash and Jason McGrath of Liberty.
  • February 3, female, Elsie June Napier, born to Bethany and William Napier of Stanford.
  • February 4, male, Parker Alexander Lindo, born to Autumn Ferguson of Lancaster and Phillip Lindo of Hebron.
  • February 5, Male, Randy Jason Slade Miller, born to Lillian Rawlings of Harrodsburg.
  • February 6, female, Bella Rose Magana born to Kelly Hutchins and Tristian Magana of Springfield
  • February 8, Female, Carson Rae McClelland, born to Kandace and Ryan McClelland of Danville.
  • February 10, Male, Cooper Brooks Pike , born to Brooklyn and Jacob Pike of Danville.
  • February 12, a female, Chloe Rayne Rhoades, born to Caitlyn Stumph of Lawrenceburg and Donovon Rhoades of Danville
  • February 12, a female, Dallas Lea Bell, born to Cadee and Jacob Bell of Somerset
  • February 13, a male, Shepherd Ryan McKinney, born to Kaylee Victoria and Andrew Ryan McKinney of Danville
  • February 13, a male, Jayce Miller Matthews born to Chelsie and Dillon Matthew of Parksville
  • February 13, a female, Oaklynn Jade Baker, born to Chelsea Nichole and Daniel Thomas of Harrodsburg
  • February 14, male, Dawson Cole Portwood , born Hope Scharbrough of Stanford and Joshua Portwood of Danville
  • February 15, a male, Mateo James Rodriguez, born to Samantha & Arturo Rodriguez of Liberty
  • February 17, Male, Wyatt Harrison Hoskins, born to Allison and Zachary Hoskinsof Crab Orchard
  • February 19, Male, Ryker Samuel Davis White, born to Summer and Anthony White of Lancaster
  • February 20, Male, Drayden La’Mont Kreed Van-Dyke, born to Cortney Boswell and Phil Van-Dyke of Franklin.
  • February 22, a female, Elizabeth Grace Saylor, born to Sydney Elizabeth and Rant Saylor Jr. of Brodhead
  • February 26, a male, Merrick Tyler Slugantz, born to Morgan Price and Brian Slugantz of Lancaster.
  • February 27, female, Adeline Irene Hopper, born to Shelby and Jeremy Hopper of Harrodsburg.
  • February 29, 2024, female, Paisleigh Mae Holsing-Holden, born to Khloe Holsing and Dakotah Holden of Danville.
  • February 29, a male, Steven Alan Ritz Jr born to Kimberly Hamilton and Steven Ritz of Hustonville.

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