Danville community survey aimed at reducing traffic fatalities

Published 3:15 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The City of Danville is seeking public input on the Vision Zero Danville project, which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities among all roadway users in Danville.

They are asking citizens to complete a survey to let the city know about areas of concern on Danville’s roadways. The information will be collected and analyzed to form the Safety Action Plan.

Vision Zero Danville is an initiative being led by The City of Danville Engineering Dept. in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Palmer Engineering to eliminate traffic fatalities among all roadway users in Danville.

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The first step is to collect data related to roadway incidents and fatalities in order to develop a Safety Action Plan. A safety action plan will provide data-driven evidence for both city and state agencies to prioritize and fund transportation related projects.

A public forum was held at City Hall on Jan. 31 to allow citizens to discuss community needs and bring awareness to potential areas of concern.
Palmer Engineering provided data collected from the Kentucky Transportation Department. The following maps of where the most crashes happen are available on the City of Danville’s website:

During this meeting, some of the US Department of Transportation’s Proven Safety Countermeasures were displayed as examples of projects that have been completed to relieve driver and pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Engineers and state or local road departments will often look at these as examples in order to build safety plans that fit their communities, and to receive funding for projects that require certain research-based criteria. When gathering data in Danville, The City Engineer and Public Works department will rely heavily on this research, public input, and the most-recent local crash data to craft and implement roadway safety measures.

More Vision Zero Danville Public Meetings will be held in the coming months.

The City of Danville is responsible for the maintenance of city streets. However, The City of Danville is committed to partnerships with other state and local agencies to create the safest roadways for drivers and pedestrians within the City of Danville.

See a local roads map at maps.kytc.ky.gov/localroads/