Junction City PBK Bank celebrates grand reopening

Published 5:30 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2024


The Junction City branch of PBK Bank celebrated their grand reopening with a cookout on Thursday after renovations to the branch were completed.

Renovations to the location include expanding the drive-thru, a new roof, new ATMs, and other modernizations.

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“We are really excited,” said PBK Retail Marketing and Advertising Manager Deena Huff. “We had issues before; it was tight and people couldn’t get through. We are really proud of it. People have been excited, and we have had a big turnout. We have had around 75 people so far.”

PBK has plans to modernize all of its branches.

“We will be rehabilitating every one of our branches,” Huff said. “We have already installed four new ATMs and we have two more coming for our indoor ATMs.”