Bill qualifying more foster parents for child care benefits advances

Published 3:30 pm Thursday, March 14, 2024

Kentucky Lantern

A Louisville Democrat’s bill aimed at getting more foster care parents in Kentucky passed a House committee, placing it two steps from law.

Senate Bill 240 would allow foster parents in Kentucky to qualify for child care benefits while working outside the home or working remotely in the home. Currently they must work 20 hours a week outside the home to qualify for assistance.

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The bill cleared the Senate with no opposition. The House Families and Children Committee approved it Thursday, sending it to the full House for a vote. From there it would to go Gov. Andy Beshear for a signature or veto.

The sponsor, Sen. Cassie Chambers Armstrong, told committee members that the bill “will decrease barriers to families who wish to participate in foster care.”

“We desperately need more foster families in Kentucky,” she said, “and Senate Bill 240 can help us achieve that goal.”