Women’s History Month Feature: Danville McDonald’s Owner Abby Tamme

Published 4:15 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2024

As Women’s History Month is celebrated around the United States during the month of March, the McDonald’s system is proud to count many outstanding female employees, franchisees and suppliers among its leaders.

In the U.S., women own and operate 30 percent of all McDonald’s restaurants. One of those restaurants is in Danville.

Abby Tamme is a third-generation McDonald’s owner operator who began her career under the Golden Arches at the age of 23.

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“With my Grandpa and Dad being owner operators, I practically came out of the womb having McDonald’s in my life,” said Tamme. “I had the goal of becoming an owner operator and was willing to put in the work to make it happen. I worked my way up to shift manager, then general manager, supervisor and then entered the Next Gen Program. As an owner operator, I always keep the mindset that if it’s easy, you won’t appreciate it and that can really apply to anything in life.”

Today, Tamme operates three McDonald’s locations, in Danville, Harrodsburg and Lawrenceburg. She works hard to represent women in such a male dominated industry. She takes pride in both giving back to the community and leading by example for all members of her team.

“Since having children, I have gained a new appreciation for the women in my field and restaurants,” said Tamme. “It is truly inspiring to see how many other women have to juggle work and family while still managing to be such awesome moms. It has created a common understanding between me and my crew members. I would never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I’ll be right by your side getting the job done.”

Tamme gives credit to her strong hometown community, family and background in public relations and marketing for all of her success today.

“I practically grew up at McDonald’s. From birthday parties to having celebratory meals with my teammates after a soccer game to handing out receipts with my dad at five years old,” said Tamme. “All of my locations are in my hometown, we have so much history here, which creates a special connection to give back to our community.”