Frazzell Guitars has unveiled a new custom guitar with an aged finish

Published 3:30 pm Thursday, March 21, 2024

Frazzell Guitars has unveiled their latest custom-built Telecaster style guitar, named the Big Buck T.

This guitar, however, has a finish that is the first for a Frazzell guitar. The Big Buck T has an aged finish to give the guitar a vintage look.

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“This is my first aged guitar, I honestly just wanted to give it a shot,” said the owner of Frazzell Guitars and Luthier Brandon Edwards. “I wanted to add character to certain spots where it gets played. I looked at a lot of old and aged guitars to learn how to do it.”

The guitar’s design and name are inspired by the legendary country singer Buck Owens and his signature red, white, and blue guitar. Edwards wanted to make the guitar his own and included touches to make it stand out from a Buck Owens Telecaster. The Big Buck T features a black pickguard instead of gold.

“I wanted to do something different with my own twist,” Edwards said. “I like black, it is a cool color that goes with anything. I don’t want to just make Telecasters and Stratocasters, they are cool guitars. Fender makes plenty of those. I am trying to branch into stuff like the Wildberry which is my own custom body. It is really fun to see these things come from a raw piece of wood into an instrument.”

Frazzell Guitars was a nominee in the 2024 Lexington Music Awards for best guitar repair. Although he didn’t win, Edwards was still thankful to be nominated and given a chance to represent the Danville community.

“Just meeting so many artists who have impacted music in Kentucky was incredible,” Edwards said. “I didn’t go expecting to win, but I was glad to be one of the few there representing Danville. The best part of all my guitars is that they say ‘Made in the U.S.A. Danville, Kentucky.’ Wherever this guitar travels, whoever is playing it will look at it and see Danville, Kentucky.”